‘Korida Katta’ for int’l kite fest

‘Korida Katta’ for int’l kite fest

Dinesh Holla and Sathis Rao of Team Mangaluru will showcase the 'Korida Katta' kite at the international kite festival in France.

Team Mangaluru’s ‘Cock Fight’, popularly called ‘Korida Katta’ kite, will be an attraction at the International Kite Festival at Dieppe in France from September 8 to 16.

Speaking to reporters, Sarvesh Rao, the team convener, said that artist and environmentalist Dinesh Holla’s artwork has been selected as the official poster of Dieppe Kite Festival. Of the different posters designed by artists from the US, Canada, Australia, and European countries, Dinesh Holla’s artwork was selected, he added.

“Through the poster, I have touched the issue of global warming and a solution needs to be found to check global warming,” he said.

Team Mangaluru, a hobby group of kite makers and flyers, has been attending the kite festival at Dieppe since 2006. Holla and Rao of the team will be attend the show with the team’s creativity kites this year.

He said that during the procession, the duo will wear the traditional headgear ‘Muttale,’ to introduce the Tulu Nadu culture.

The said kite ‘Cock Fight’ kite is six-foot tall. The orange and green in the kite symbolically represent the setting Sun and the Western Ghats, said Holla.

Holla said that Halakki art exhibition and live demonstration of ‘Western Ghats Tribal’ theme art, will have a special emphasis on Halakki community leader Sukri Bomme Gowda and her folk songs; will be held on the occasion.

A total of 46 framed artworks will be exhibited. The artworks will explain the culture, lifestyle, and tradition of the tribal community. The 46-metre canvas will be made available for sale at the venue and part of the fund raised through the sale will be used for the education of tribal students in the Western Ghats, he said.

Holla added that all the 48 participating countries at the festival will prepare a unique artwork on ‘Save Water and Forest’ to be handed over to the organiser to create awareness on increasing deforestation and the shortage of water.

The team will present the traditional ‘Thuppe’ model (for preserving paddy) as a memento to the mayor of Dieppe and organisers of the Kite Festival.

Rao said, “We find it difficult to get vegetarian food in Dieppe. The only food that lasts for 10 days is ‘Avalakki’ (flattened rice) prepared by Indra Bhavan Hotel at Balmatta. We take a small quantity of it and eat it with curd.”

“In 2016, when we went we had taken Avalakki from Indra Bhavana and Jolada roti from North Karnataka. The vegetarian food in France does not suit us. We have to only depend on bread,” he said.

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