Krishna wants regional parties to join hands for change

Krishna wants regional parties to join hands for change

Magsaysay Award winner musician T M Krishna speaks at a media conference in Mysuru on Friday. Saroj maestro Rajeev Taranath and former minister B K Chandrasekhar are seen.

Krishna calls upon regional parties to join hands for change

Mysuru: Magsaysay Award winning musician T M Krishna said all regional parties should come together to change the prevailing situation in the country.

Addressing in a media conference, on Friday, he said, “The upcoming Lok Sabha polls, scheduled to be held in 2019, are being projected as a presidential election. We do not have a presidential form of government. The election is held to choose only the MPs, who will debate on the problems faced by people of their respective constituency. So, the regional parties should understand their responsibility and fight the polls accordingly. If somebody mocks at the Opposition or regional party leaders, holding hands to express their solidarity, they do not understand federalism”.

He said, “Of late, India is becoming a nation of screaming, shouting and bullying. A majority of the people are not ready to listen to others. All of us, including television channels and Internet, are responsible for the chaos. Democracy will survive only when we start asking difficult questions. So, we need to change”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi floods birthday wishes to all people and dignitaries across the world, but, has no time to reply to letters on burning issues. “In 2015, I had written a letter to the prime minister, regarding the lynching of people in Uttar Pradesh. So far, I have not received a reply. He did not issue a statement, condemning the lynching of the people for transporting meat. His silence is damaging the social fabric. He should send a message on the burning issues to the society. Otherwise there will be anarchy”, he said.

“All artists should rise to the occasion and express their opinion on flaring issues in the society to give a direction toward progress. But, budding artistes, including musicians, cannot speak against the system initially. Most of the patrons of art are moneyed-people. So, at least established artistes, especially wealthy film actors, should speak up for the people”, Krishna said.

Recalling the days of youth, sarod maestro Rajeev Taranath said, the level of tolerance and acceptance among the people has decreased over the decades. “My Hindu, rather Brahmin, teachers used to sing compositions like ‘Allah Jaane...’, while gurus like Abdul Karim Saab would sing ‘Jamuna ke theer...’ Tolerance to others’ faith and beliefs is inherent in our society. The Vedas understood this. But, the spirit of Vedas is evaporating, of late. There are conspiracies to divide the people, in all fields, including art, on the basis of various factors. It is a disease, which is spreading fast. So, we have to become an insecticide,” he said.

Former minister B K Chandrashekhar said, of late, the public discourse has been extremely corrupted by all political parties alike. “Recently, writer S L Bhyrappa said that Narendra Modi should be made prime minister for at least three terms. I respect Bhyrappa as a writer. But, I do not endorse his opinion on politics. I have the right to either agree or disagree with his opinion. But, there is a way to register my opinion. I cannot address Bhyrappa in singular and abuse him”, Chandrashekhar said.

He said he was appalled at the celebrations when writer U R Ananthamurthy died.