Experts studying Kulashekar inscriptions

Experts studying Kulashekar inscriptions

Experts' team collect imprint of an inscription found at Sri Veeranarayana Temple in Kulashekar.

A team led by Prof T Murugeshi, associate professor in Ancient History and Archaeology, MSRS College, Shirva, has begun a study on two inscriptions found at Sri Veeranarayana Temple at Kulashekar.

The team will study the remains of the palace of Kulashekar Alupendra and others. The inscriptions are in Tulu and Kannada. The statue of Veeranarayana at the temple belongs to the 12th century.

Prof Murugeshi said: “The team has taken the imprint of the inscription for study. At first glance, it looks like “Daana Shaasana” (grant inscription). More details on the inscription will be available after study,” he added.

The team will study the remains of Kulashekar Alupendra’s palace and other historical remains belonging to 12th century. Murugeshi said: “As far as I know, only Kulashekar is named after a ruler in undivided Dakshina Kannada district.” The palace is located near the Veeranarayana Temple. Several remains of the kingdom in and around the temple have disappeared.

Vishwajeeth, a local resident said: “A lake belonging to the 12th century is located near the temple.” Experts from the Muzrai department were present at the site.