PM Modi in Bengaluru Highlights: We brought OROP, says Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka today addressing rallies before the second phase of the Lok Sabha Election 2019 which will commence on 18th April 2019. Rahul Gandhi already addressed one rally in Kolar today and Lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of corruption, Congress President Rahul Gandhi Saturday alleged that "100 per cent chowkidar (guard) is a chor (thief)." Addressing a rally in Mangaluru Prime Minister Narendra Modi came down heavily on the Congress-JDS government in Karnataka, he said the coalition government takes inspiration from Pariwarvad (dynasty) but BJP gets inspiration from Rashtrawd (nationalism).
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    Punish Cong in such a way they lose deposits: Modi

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday said the Congress was dreaming about coming to power at the Centre and asked voters to punish it and its allies in such a way they would not be able to save even their deposits.

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    Narendra Modi in Bengaluru

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    Crowd at the rally of PM Modi in Bangalore South

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    For decades our military partners were demanding one rank one pension. It is our government which implemented one rank one pension: Modi in Bengaluru

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    PM Modi on "Mission Shakti": Congress says they didn't conduct the test earlier as they wanted to keep it a secret. It was this approach of keeping secrets due to which India lagged behind in technology."Aaj ye himmat Modi ne dikhayi,duniya Bharat ka loha manne laga"

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    In their manifesto, Congress states that AFSPA will be diluted, should they come to power. They intend to make our soldiers helpless through this action. They also plan to withdraw our forces from J&K: PM Modi

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    When blasts used to take place in the nation, the Congress government used to change its Home Minister, & put the entire blame on one person. But Modi doesn't change the Home Minister, Modi changes the ways: Modi

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    You may feel that the Processor of Congress is slow but their Software is corrupt. Their processor slows down when they had to take action in the interest of the country: PM Modi

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    PM: When Congress' 'mahamilavati remote govt' was at the centre, didn't blasts occur in Bengaluru? Didn't the nation was living under fear of terror attacks? Did any major blast took place in last 5 yrs of your "chowkidaar's chowkidaari".It was power of your 1 vote that made it possible

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    It's because of this love that makes impossible, possible. Credit for my work goes to people who elected me in 2014. For 2019, I again want your blessings: PM Modi

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    Rahul Gandhi in Mysore

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    "In every election, PM Modi makes false statements. Last time it was about giving money & jobs to people of the nation. Today, after Rafale Scam, he has spoilt the name of all Chowkidars in the country": Rahul Gandhi

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    Siddaramaiah and I stand in front of the voters because the Modi government has misused powers for 5 years by only giving false promises to the country: H D Deve Gowda

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    Mangaluru Commissioner of Police Sandeep Patil denied any incident of crowd being pelted with plastic water bottles at the end of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at Nehru Maidan on Friday evening.

    Patil told DH that as part of security measures the public were not allowed to carry water bottles into the venue.

    “Perhaps at the end of the rally, the crowd at the further end of maidan would have resorted to dumping their plastic water bottles,” he said.

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    The Congress manifesto this time is aimed at providing assistance to 25 crore poor families. The historic NYAY scheme will give Rs 6,000 a month to the poorest of the poor: HK Patil

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    Water  bottles were thrown at PM Narendra Modi rally in Mangalore 

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    LS polls is about choosing new India: Modi in Mangaluru

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the Lok Sabha polls was not about choosing the prime minister or a government, but on how "New India" should be in the 21st century.

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    More In Kerala, the situation is so bad that no one can openly pray to Lord Ayyappa: PM Modi

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    A nation that forgets its history and brave hearts who sacrificed their life, it ceases to exist. Now when Modi remembers these martyrs, it troubles Congress and its allies: PM Modi

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    Five years ago, it was unimaginable that a person serving the poor tribals can be conferred Padma Shri Award: PM Modi

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    Congress and JDS are inspired by dynasty and we are inspired by nationalism. They find ways to benefit their family but we work hard to bring the marginalized to the mainstream. Their philosophy is dynasty and our is Antyodya: PM Modi

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    It's because of your blessings and support that I was able to take strong and bold actions in the interest of the country: PM Modi

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    PM Modi in Mangaluru: When I was coming here from the airport which was a long journey, I saw that not a human chain but a human wall is there on both the sides of the road. I thought if so many people are here, who will be there(at the rally). But the same number of people are here as well

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    "There is no action taken against people like Anil Ambani who take crores as loans & doesn't pay back. But farmers are jailed when they can't pay back their loans. Anil Ambani's money will be distributed to the poorest of the nation": Rahul Gandhi

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    "I am not here to talk about my Mann Ki Baat. I am here to listen to your Mann Ki Baat. I will humbly listen to the nation and will implement what the country wants," said Rahul Gandhi

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    "Did you get Rs 15 lakhs in your accounts? Did Youths get 2 crore jobs?
    Did Farmers get loan waiver? He keeps calling himself Chowkidar. Have any of you seen a Chowkidar in front of a farmer's house?": Rahul Gandhi

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    Rahul Gandhi in Chitradurga

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    Story of Cong ‘compassion’ vs BJP ‘aggression’ in polls

    The image of an elderly woman hugging Congress President Rahul Gandhi, which the Congress used to promote their NYAY scheme, has generated much controversy. Many opposed to the party claimed it was photoshopped.

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    PM Modi will address two election rallies in Mangalore and Bengaluru South.

    Rahul Gandhi will later hold rallies in Chitradurga and Krishnarajanagara

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    "100 per cent chowkidar is a thief," says Rahul

    Lashing out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of corruption, Congress President Rahul Gandhi Saturday alleged that "100 per cent chowkidar (guard) is a chor (thief)."

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    "Kolar is a stronghold of the Congress party. With JD(S) also in alliance with us, I am fully confident that we will win this Loksabha seat again with a massive margin. BJP doesn't even exist in this seat!": DK Shivakumar

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    "Yeddyurappa, who went to jail for taking bribes today calls himself Chowkidar. Katta Subramanya Naidu, who was in jail, is also a Chowkidar. People of the state have never seen such brazen shameless politicians": Siddaramaiah

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    "PM Modi promised 2 cr jobs every year, which meant 10 cr jobs in 5 yrs I want to ask the youth of the nation, did he keep his promise? Today, he rightly known as the Chor. He needs to realise what the people of the country think about him": Siddaramaiah

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    "Congress President Rahul Gandhi is a man of his word. He has been instrumental in implementing various schemes for farmers, women and youth across the country.We will deliver, what we have promised": Siddaramaiah

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    "NYAY scheme is revolutionary and a big step to eradicate poverty. It's extremely important to take this scheme to the masses. I appeal to the party workers to do so": Mallikarjun kharge

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    "This is a fight between ideologies. On one side there is hate and destruction and on the other there is love and harmony. This time the Congress and JD(S) alliance will win the elections in Karnataka, " said Rahul Gandhi

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    "NYAY money will go into accounts of women of the family.

    Modi took money from you & gave it to 15 rich people.

    We will give money back to people, especially women

    Women will also get 33% reservation in Parliament, Vidhan Sabha & Govt jobs": Rahul Gandhi

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    "Youth are fed up of Modi's promises of 2 crore jobs

    We will not lie. We promise to fill up 24 lakh govt jobs by March 2020. We will also create 10 lakh jobs for youth at Panchayat level

    No start-up will need permissions for first 3 years": Rahul Gandhi

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    After we announced #NYAY, Modiji's body language changed. Fearing his loss, he keeps asking where the money will come from.

    The money will come from your fifteen or so 'Team of Chors' like Anil Ambani": Rahul Gandhi

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    "For the first time we will have a seperate 'Farmer Budget' We will announce in the first farmers' budget, what the MSP will be for each crop, how much farm loan waiver we will give, how many cold storage units we will build etc":Rahul Gandhi