Bid goodbye to blemishes

Bid goodbye to blemishes

Tea Tree oil works wonders on the skin as it helps banish blemishes and corrects imperfections.

The blemish battle doesn’t always end with teenage life.

There’s nothing like a giant, (and what feels like) glowing blemish to dent your confidence and make you feel like you can’t look anyone in the eye. And we know the blemish battle doesn’t always end with teenage life.

What lies underneath?

For some, it’s a fight that can all of a sudden pop-up (excuse the pun) in adulthood — just when you thought you’d left the spots behind. As seasons change, so does our skin and our skin needs to be handled with utmost care all the while. The first set of symptoms which pop-up on the skin are usually breakouts which can either be because of a seasonal change, hormonal imbalance, poor diet or extreme sensitivity.

Toxins in the body such as alcohol, stress and smoking cause flare-ups in this area. You may also find your skin purging at times, which is usually because your skin is clearing everything out so it can get all cleaned out and glorious, or just adjusting to the product — which can take a week or two.

Stocking up on 100% organic tea tree oil helps in battling blemishes straight away. Invest in moisturiser, cleansers, face scrubs and night creams with this wonder ingredient. The journey to a blemish-free life starts with some serious research on what makes the enemy tick and a battle plan on how to get under the skin of spots. It’s time to get skin smart! 

To the rescue

• Whether your skin purges or is breaking out, the first best help is to maintain your daily basic skincare routine. Grab an anti-bacterial facial soap or face cleanser which will shoo away the prospective bacteria and fungi from proliferating in and around the skin.

• But sometimes, skincare problems persist. Some of us practice our skincare routines religiously, always wear sunscreen, never smoke, but still have skin issues. Watch out for the unexpected factors you might not have considered that lead to less-than-flawless skin. Do you remember to take a shower after gym? Are you using the same skincare products which you used as a teenager? Are you constantly on the phone? 

• Follow an anti-inflammatory diet and avoid alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, white flour and saturated fats as much as possible. Also remember to wash your pillowcases regularly, clean your phone and drink a lot of water.