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Semi-permanent make-up has become wildly popular across the world. Dr Simal Soin debunks some myths about a few treatments

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Semi-permanent make-up has become wildly popular across the world. The treatment includes lip tinting, micro-blading and eyelash enhancing. It is crucial to be rightly educated on this subject as people hold a lot of misconceptions that revolve around it. We have curated a few myths that a majority of the people
believe to be true:

It is a painful treatment

FACT: A local anaesthetic is applied for an hour before the procedure starts to make you feel comfortable and can be re-applied in between if the client is sensitive. However, the client will only feel a tickling sensation or a feeling that the brow was tweezed and threaded.

SPMU is just for women

FACT: The treatment is for both men and women as per the requirements. Sparse brows, lip discolouration and white patches on the skin can be very well addressed with this treatment. It is also used for pigmented dark lips, receded hairline, scanty eyelashes, eyebrows, vitiligo patches, alopecia areata of the scalp and hair loss due to chemotherapy.

It looks unnatural/tattooed

FACT: Natural hair strokes are imitated hair by hair, which blend into the existing brow hair, enhancement of the features like filling in a thin brow, thickening the shape, creating a nice arch, darkening the colour of the brows, enhancing lip borders and improving the dark appearance of the lips. A semi-permanent eyeliner just makes the daily routine simpler and saves time.

The eyebrow hair is removed

FACT: Not at all. The strokes are placed in between the existing hair. Apart from plucking a few hairs to achieve the proper shape, no hair removal is done.

Threading and plucking of hair cannot be done later

FACT: Threading of hair and eyebrow shaping can be resumed after 10 days of the treatment.

MYTH: It stays forever

FACT: As the name suggests, it is semi-permanent. Using organic pigments instead of tattoo ink helps the make-up to stay for 2-3 years and a touch-up after that can be done to restore the shape and colour. Also, the pigment fades over time.

Pigments can cause allergy

FACT: The pigments are extracted from plants, so they are hypoallergic for all skin types.

MYTH: It is only for people who need to correct

FACT: SPMU is not only to correct problems but for the enhancement of natural features and to save time and money.

(The author is founder, AAYNA Clinic)

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