Flaunt your style in the rain

Flaunt your style in the rain

Don’t let the rains dampen your style. Experts offer a few tips to help you look your best this monsoon, writes Sharmila Chand

Be crazy with colours this monsoon.

Who says monsoon is not the right time to make a fashion statement? In fact, this is the right opportunity to be out with all your rainbow colours and paint the town red. Wear cheerful, bold prints, and don a well-accessorised look. Here are a few tips from fashion designers: 

Swapna Anumolu, designer & founder of label ‘Mishru’

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The monsoon’s PVC trend, trench coats, and plenty of colours make dressing for the rain easier than before. Outfits with breathable fabrics spell practicality this monsoon season. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching colors and patterns, they only add to one’s personality. Skirts and dresses look equally cute with tall and ankle boots.

The general misconception is that the monsoon season is not favourable to the colour palette; it is generally best to don deeper colours. To add some brightness to your look, add a few vibrant colours like red, orange and blue to your wardrobe. Avoid wearing white in the rains since clothes in white become transparent. Men should choose well-fitted chinos with dark-coloured or printed shirts and t-shirts teamed with jackets and cardigans.

Do’s and Don’ts 


Wear slim-fit denims for monsoon.

Always carry a jacket around to be safe from drenching as well as to look chic.

Use lightweight fabrics like rayon, a blend of polyester, as it won’t weigh you down if it gets damp.

Always make sure to carry an extra pair of clothes.

Wear darker shade clothes.


Wear fabrics like cotton & linens.

Wear light-coloured fabrics during monsoon.

Wear long, flowy pants or flare jeans that brush the ground. They are more likely to collect mud and rainwater.

Wear opaque fabrics.

Wear floor-length dresses & maxi.

Style Tips

Try messy hairstyles instead of leaving your hair open. You can opt for a messy braid or ponytail.

Give your heels and peep toes a break and opt for monsoon-friendly footwear. Choose shoes with rubber soles and grips so that you don’t slip in the puddles.

Avoid all leather goods since they attract moisture in the monsoon and you will end up ruining your accessories in the rain.

Designer Arpita Mehta

Trending in style

Contrary to what people believe, monsoon is one of the easiest seasons to dress for. Opting for light and breathable fabrics that add just the right amount of flair to your sense of style in this drabby weather is the way to go. Neons are doing their rounds this season; simple pop colours that bring just the right amount of drama teamed with some nice chunky accessories will totally steal the show. For women, stylish raincoats teamed up with colourful strappy sandals or gumboots in vibrant colours are not only convenient but also very fashionable. Colours like yellows, pinks and blues work well when combined with neutrals. Men should refrain from wearing tight or straight-fit denims that tend to stick to your skin. Skinny jeans can get quite uncomfortable in the rains; select a more relaxed fit if denims are an integral part of your wardrobe. Or else, pick out chinos or linen pants for more comfort. Vibrant and printed t-shirts will add just the right amount of character to your style.

Do’s and Don’ts 


Add an element of flair with a trendy yet sturdy umbrella.

Choose stylish waterproof trenches or a windcheater.

Wear shoes with a rubber sole for better grip.

Opt for silhouettes with shorter hemlines.

A nylon handy tote to throw in all your essentials for the gusting winds and rain.:


Wear heavy materials that will only weigh you down more if you get drenched in the rain.

Keep in mind to avoid leather completely in the monsoons. It attracts fungus and it loses its sheen once it comes in contact with moisture.

Wear junk jewellery; imitation jewellery is a big no-no when it comes to this season because the humidity causes the metal to rust which in turn can cause skin irritation and allergies.

It is imperative to choose the right footwear, especially in the rains. Choose gumboots that will cover your feet and keep them safe instead of flip-flops or open toes.

Clothes that are too tight for comfort can leave your skin exposed and ultimately cause skin irritation. Also, try to avoid full sleeves.

Style Tips

Carry waterproof accessories like watches and bags in order for them not to get ruined.

Don’t worry about wearing brighter colours; they only accentuate your style quotient.

Keep an umbrella or a windcheater handy at all times.

Dress smartly; too much layering in this weather will only cause a hindrance.

Shorter hemlines and comfort fit clothes are the right way to go for the monsoon.


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