Moustache for a cause

Moustache for a cause

Your ‘No Shave November’ look can be stylish and well-groomed. Read on...


November is the month of no-shave and it’s all for a reason — for generating awareness in the men’s health arena. Also, known as Movember (thanks to moustache), ‘No-Shave November’ is about spreading awareness and research in cancers related to men.

The month is all about keeping the razor aside and embracing one’s hair which many otherwise lose to cancer.

So if you have been participating
in the cause and have grown that beard and moustache, and are now in love with it, follow these tips and tricks to keep it clean, groomed and liberated:

Beard balm/oil

It keeps the beard soft and hydrated, regulates the natural oils and reduces irritation by moisturising the skin underneath. A consistent application of beard oil boosts beard (hair) growth.

Beard wax

Styling the beard with wax benefits that elegant mane. Like balms and oils, beard wax is multi-faceted and grooms the beard.

You can also use the wax for a strong, easy and flexible styling for the
moustache. Alternatively, if the moustache is just growing, start to twist it
in the desired shape and then use the wax.

Beard Wash

When it comes to men’s grooming, a beard wash is essential to keep the beard soft and shiny. It treats the coarse hair of the beard and replenishes the skin below. It removes dirt, dust, beard-ruff (same as dandruff in hair) and other impurities from the beard.

Beard shampoo and conditioner

You can use a medicated beard shampoo to do away with the minor infections and rashes; or/and a beard conditioner to counter the dryness which causes beard-ruff, dry or flaky skin underneath the beard.

Trimmers and beard combs

Don’t cut your beard, but don’t leave it wild and bushy either. Go with a well-maintained one by using trimmers; and then prepping it up by using a beard comb for clearing out any dead skin or combing out any beard-ruff. Combing your beard also increases blood circulation in the area.

Beard colour

Use a beard colour to simply look younger or match the colour of your beard with the colour of your hair.


One of the most important aspects is to increase protein intake and have a healthy diet for hair growth.

The rules of ‘No-Shave November’ are to stay honest. Keep your razor aside, give your beard and moustache the care it requires, and revel in the difference. If you like it, keep the beard and style it well.

(Courtesy Myntra Fashion) 

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