Get your make-up on fleek!

Get your make-up on fleek!

It’s time to bust some make-up myths, writes Yashu Jain

Using fingers for blending foundation results in irregular coverage of the foundation.

There are various myths related to make-up. Choosing the right foundation, picking up the right eyeshadow, lipstick... there are lots of things that we don’t know about when it comes to make-up and beauty. Let’s break down some myths:

Myth: Make-up products do not have an expiry date

Fact: Do you check expiry dates when you go to buy cosmetics? Most of us do not check because we believe that make-up products never expire. But the truth is, all cosmetic products have an expiry date and it is mentioned on all of them.

Myth: Expensive products are better

Fact: There are good and bad products in all brands. It’s not mandatory that expensive products will contain good quality ingredients. Look for the right kind of ingredients while choosing cosmetics.

Myth: Choose your foundation by matching it with your forehead and cheeks

Fact: Finding the perfect foundation is the toughest part of make-up. A perfectly matching foundation, on one hand, can accentuate your look while on the other, bad choice of foundation can actually ruin your look. It is recommended that for a ‘near to perfect’ foundation, choose the one that matches the colour of your neck and jawline. Moreover, it is also suggested to choose a foundation in natural light than artificial light.

Myth: Fingers are a great tool for blending foundation

Fact: Using fingers for blending foundation results in irregular coverage of the foundation. Also, when you blend it with fingers, it doesn’t last as long. Finger application wastes three times the amount of foundation you normally need. Brush and sponge are best for blending foundation, providing best coverage in the minimum amount.

Myth: Powder is good for oily skin

Fact: Using powder to mattify skin dehydrates the surface of the skin in the long run. Moreover, it is very important to deeply cleanse your face after using powder as it can settle in pores making them enlarged. It is recommended to use primers to mattify shine than powder.

Myth: Moisturiser is a replacement for primer

Fact: Moisturiser and primer are two different things in formula and use. Moisturiser hydrates the skin whereas primer creates a base for smooth skin, fills fine lines, and makes a surface for foundation, thus making the make-up last longer. It is always advised to use a primer as the base of make-up.

Myth: You don’t need sunscreen if it’s in your foundation

Fact: While most cosmetic companies claim that their foundation includes SPF, the truth is they do not contain enough sunscreen content to protect your skin. It is always advised to apply sunscreen if you are applying make-up during daytime.

Myth: Mascara should be thrown away only when it dries

Fact: Mascara’s shelf life is only three months after first use. After this duration, it acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. It can also cause eye infections.

Myth: You can avoid washing make-up brushes if only you use them

Fact: Make-up brushes come in contact with various products, thus washing them is like regular hygiene. Avoiding washing brushes results in accumulation of bacteria that is hazardous for skin and also for the shelf life of the brushes.

Myth: Concealer should be applied before foundation

Fact: Applying foundation after concealer wipes the concealer away. Instead, apply it after concealer as it helps in hiding flaws such as dark circles and fine lines.

(The author is MD, Mattlook Cosmetics)