Eye make-up can cost you your sight

Eye make-up can cost you your sight

Eye make-up is something that most of us use extensively. Although make-up products enhance our looks, not all of them are safe. Almost all products contain paraffin wax or petroleum, which can block the lid glands and increase the risk of infection and allergy. 


Some of the common symptoms of eye make-up infections are the pain, redness, swelling, irritation, itching, watering and burning of eyes.

The conditions can range from minor infections to severe disorders like corneal keratitis. Some of the common conditions are an allergy, chalazion (infection in the lid), corneal infiltration and meibomian gland dysfunction (dry eyes). The chances of infection are higher in people who wear contact lens.


  • Avoid sharing your products. Shared products contain bacteria that can be easily transferred from one person to another.
  • Always check for expiry date while buying cosmetics. Most of the products contain chemicals which will start reacting differently beyond a certain timeline.
  • Products can cause infections if they are not stored properly. Please follow the storage instructions mentioned in the product.
  • Avoid applying eye make-up, especially on the inner lining of the eyes when you have your contact lens on.
  • Always put on your contact lens first and then the make-up. This minimises the chances of make-up getting on the lens and reduces the probability of infections.
  • Avoid applying eyeliners on the lid margin as it can clog the oil glands, causing infections or sty.

(The author is a senior consultant, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital)