Get to the core with epigenetics

Get to the core with epigenetics

Well Being


Epigenetics, or the study of biological changes that occur due to different chemical marks that alter the expression of our genes, proves that the beneficial effects of yoga penetrate deep into our minds and bodies — and may even touch the very code of life that makes us who we are.

Do you feel stressed too often? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The growing number of mental health cases in India are pointing in the direction of a pressing need for attention. Research has found the top few sources of increasing stress in the lives of over one billion Indians to be money, work, family responsibilities, and health concerns.

Too much stress can take a significant toll on one’s health. Not being able to cope with stress can lead to chronic diseases and accelerated ageing (but don’t think about that too much, or risk adding it to your already lengthy list of issues inducing stress). If you have been trying to take measures to reduce therapy and have not achieved the desired outcome, there is still hope.

Epigenetic research has found that the ancient art of meditation, particularly mindful meditation, has numerous health and stress-reducing benefits. Yoga is the most ancient form of basic human wellness or unity of mind-body or in biological terms — state of homoeostasis— Homeo (resembling) stasis (equilibrium). In this state, all chemicals and biochemicals in the body are in absolute balance state. All hormones calibrated (no excess or little testosterone, estrogen, cortisol), no excess or little adrenaline, dompamine (feel good) purged of all environmental toxins. Yoga helps in rhythmic breathing which allows mind-body calibration resulting in neuroplasticity that fine tunes the brain or CNS to get calmer.

(The author is founder,
Vantage Enterprise)