Stock up on accessories

Your accessories can turn your outfit from tragic to magic.

Your accessories can make or break your look. So, of course, you want to get it right each time you strut out. What you wear is an intrinsic part of your unique persona. Cue into the trends and make your clever, careful choice to pirouette in sheer style with panache this season...

Hear, hear

Big is certainly better, as large, detailed ear cuffs make a bold, edgy appearance in the fashion index. “Silver, with minimal gold and natural elements, are figuring in rather generously this season,” says accessories designer Lara Morkahia. “Try to go in for asymmetrical and mismatched picks. Remember, pieces that are big on drama and have an artistic value, or something that captures a slice of history — always make for great conversation starters as well.”

King-sized hoops are also big on the lobe circuit whether you are sporting a bikini by the pool or beach or an elegant gown in divaesque style at a formal dinner. Says Varun Raheja of Azotiique, “Hoops have made their way back into fashionable baubles with an ever-growing list of celebrities and social media influencers sporting the circular stunners. They are easy to pair with almost anything, from crop tops to jeans to dresses to off-shoulder tops.” Nevertheless, hoops have the unique quality of lifting the years off your face, so pick a size and finish that flatters your complexion the best and hit bullseye.

Scarf dressing

Kerchief headgear is in. Vintage, chic, classic, the multipurpose scarf comes to your rescue as you successfully twist and knot it to camouflage and tame your errant strands, flyaways and messy hair. “The idea of turning a silk kerchief into a seasonal must-have simply need not end with your kerchief dress,” says Varsha. Scarves are back in vogue, with a bang. Just check out Gucci’s luscious pre-fall 2018 collection that wings in smooth, limpid silk scarves dotted with a generous smattering of florals all over. “The potential of this classic accessory is simply limitless. You can lace your strands with it and then later use it as a bag strap, or even as a purse hugger,” adds Varsha. Sure. Even Mrs Funnybones got it trending on Insta. Make one yours for sure this season.

Shod squad

Forget stilettos and peep-toe pumps. Kitten heels, block heels and thigh boots make up the delectable shoe spread for all you pod purists out there this season. Boots secure your feet fabulously through the monsoon slush while gifting you that unbeatable pizzazz and dramatic entry into a room. “Striking thigh-grazing PVC boots and feathered sandals are definitely super hot this season,” says fashion designer Hema Kaul, “as they bring in a splash of feminine chic with relative ease.” Adds fashion designer Prerana Nagpal, “Platform-heeled sneakers for women and men make an appearance as a favoured option, taking comfort to another level altogether.” After sports shoes rocked the fashion marquis at actor Sonam Kapoor’s splashy wedding recently, here comes the leveller for those in desperate want of a few inches. Though remember to avoid thick straps on platforms to skirt the cloddish look completely. It is better to go in for delicate straps and cute bows even on mini kitten heels for that unbeatable feminine spin. Totter on confidently.

Get belted

Waist emphasisers are in vogue, but this time around in a minimalist vein. Nothing chunky, flamboyant or over the top on the belt front, so take your pick: A single burnished buckle on a transparent belt, a rush of bright thread embroidery along the trimmed length, sash belts with wrap dresses or even chain belts to ritz up a plain Jane dress...your girdle options are absolutely limitless “Fanny packs are extremely popular this season,” adds fashion designer Manish Arora. So you could even make one double up as a low belt with tassels for that bohemian, grunge appeal. “The hands-free bag has both practical and chic quotient,” puts in Hema. “Belt bags are definitely here to stay with their practical hands-free appeal as ranging from small pouch like shapes to a carry all essentials size, they make for a fabulous style statement,” adds Prerana.

Brooch it up

Vintage brooches are back with a bang. Sport the bejewelled accessory on casual blazers with jeans for a touch of classic, or stud your large handbag or hat with the piece for a touch of sparkle, glamour and attitude. You could use it to hold your scarf in place. “A brooch is a great feminine accessory even when worn on top of a casual shirt as it revs up your look instantly,” says Prerana. Dip into your grandmother’s closet to pull out the old world charm as the vintage pin-on works fabulously even when worn on the lapel of a jacket or on the front of an ordinary shirt. New-age designs, eccentric spins and gem laced creations rev up the fashion sweepstakes for the millennials this season. A novel brooch is an absolutely winsome conversation starter. So pull out the bauble box to fish out your long forgotten accessory and be with it. Just remember to pin it to a firm fabric that flaunts it best. Wearing it on a silk or a jersey knit will simply make it tip forward and lose its punch.


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Stock up on accessories


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