Turn the dial up on stripes

Turn the dial up on stripes

Stripes are an urban and fashionable man’s wardrobe staple

As far as classic patterns are concerned in menswear, stripes have stolen the hearts of generations.

Much like checks, it’s hard to think of a time when stripes weren’t in favour. The stripe continues to be a preferred choice amongst style connoisseurs in current time as well, as they have been for centuries. Surprisingly, stripes, as a pattern, have been booming in the fashion industry for a while now. It has made its presence felt right from a t-shirt to bespoke menswear. Not only does it make your body look perfectly shaped, but also creates an illusion of length and height in order to nail key looks. With such a wide reception of stripes all over again, it unquestionably seems to be the next big drift/evolution in the coming years.

As far as classic patterns are concerned in menswear, stripes have stolen the hearts of generations. Stripes have been in the timeless fashion category, be it bold or classic, wide or slim; stripes are available in all shapes and sizes and remain to pop up season after season. Primarily, when it comes to projecting a solemn professional appearance while wearing tailored clothes, stripes can get you superior attention instead of a simple attire. However, there is always a chance of making them look business-like with check patterns as well. Nonetheless, due to the absence of interaction amongst lines, stripes are considered to be extra reserved and more formal in a bespoke manner. 

Stripes are found in numerous forms in menswear: vertical, horizontal and diagonal. Similarly, t-shirt, suits and shirts, too, feature stripes in various orientations. It’s not just about being edgy, wearing stripes also offers an array of benefits.

Vertical stripes

In order to achieve a taller and slimmer look, you could pick up a pinstripe pant or shirt to add an illusion of length. This particular type of stripe will definitely make you look slimmer. One of the most interesting facts of the vertical stripe is that it is extremely versatile in terms of the outfit, which cuts down on your selection time for casual or formal wear clothes. Stripes will never look out of place, be it a formal or casual affair.

Horizontal stripes

Arguably, there have been discussions on whether horizontal stripes add unwanted inches to your appearance. However, if you pull it off correctly, it gives a very strong look which fosters a long-lasting impression also. Depending on the existing body type, it provides a balance if your hips are wider than your shoulder. 

Diagonal stripes

Diagonal shapes are your friend if your goal is to look slender. These lines create a visual impression of movement. One should pick diagonal stripes in order to look lean.

Keep in mind

ColoursThe good news is that if you’re a colour junkie, you don’t have to compromise on the colour without restricting yourself to a standard white or nautical navy, you can select a variety of colours in stripes. They are available in numerous colours and patterns, for instance, a black and white zebra streak is far dissimilar from an uneven primary-coloured ethnic print caramel and brown tiger stripe.

• The right kind: Stripes are a design that ooze style. Selecting a stripe can turn out to be a complex task for you, therefore it is imperative that you pay utmost attention to pick the right stripe. Vertical stripes are the absolute choice if you wish to add a slight length to your frame. Whereas, horizontal stripes can essentially make you appear broader. This could be a great news for those who are slimmer and wish to add little artificial bulkiness to their frame.

• Layer it right: The layering of stripes with a right outfit can lift up your overall look. Depending on the occasion and your personal style, you can go with a simple striped t-shirt and a complementary denim shirt, blazer or cardigan. The good news is that the stripes will always add a slight feature to a moderately forthright outfit whilst eliminating to look extra showy. Striped blazers are a must in every gentleman’s closet. A round neck t-shirt works with a casual blazer; for a bolder appearance, go for a vibrant stripe. Most commonly, a striped blazer will add panache to the overall classic look. 

(The author is founder & CEO, Corporate Collars)