Use of steroids can cause heart failure

Steriods are used by fitness enthusiasts boost muscle growth

Working out at a gym to get beefed up has become a favourite activity for many youngsters. It has also given rise to the use of steroids and protein supplements, that promote faster muscle growth. Large amounts of steroids, taken over a prolonged period of time, can cause a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. Many athletes, especially bodybuilders, use staggering amounts of steroids.

Steroids are essentially synthetic versions of testosterone. They boost the growth of muscles, and heart, also a muscle, can get spurred to grow when introduced to steroids. Here are some negative impacts of steroids:

  • Steroid users have significantly weaker hearts than non-users. A weakened heart can’t pump enough blood, and the condition is linked to an increased risk of heart failure.
  • Long-term use of anabolic steroids can cause coronary artery disease. The heart cannot contract with the same force as it usually does, and it also becomes less flexible.
  • Steroid users also have more plaque build-up in their arteries than non-users.
  • Steroids can also cause kidney failure, liver damage, shrinking of testicles and lower sperm counts.
  • So, don’t put your health on the line for a quick fix. If you want to gain stronger muscles, there are natural ways to do that. 

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Use of steroids can cause heart failure


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