Lok Sabha Election 2019: Best and worst moments

Lok Sabha Election 2019: Best and worst moments

The Lok Sabha elections 2019 saw many tumultous moments, from roadshows by political parties to electoral officers risking their lives to deliver EVMs. We compile some moments that may bring a smile to the face and some that may upset you. 

1. Priyanka Gandhi greets 'Modi' chants with a smile

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi was on her way to a campaign event when some people started chanting ''Modi'', "Modi" as her car passed them. In a flash, Priyanka was out of her car. She greeted them with a smile and even wished them the best of luck. The bewildered people even clicked selfies with her. 

2. Before votes, the crowdfunding

Eyebrows were raised when Kanhaiya Kumar anounced his decision to contest from the Begusarai Constituency. After achieving fame through protests at JNU, he decided to join mainstream politics. However, he lacked adequate funds for his campaign, which prompted him to appeal to the crowds. And they didn't disappoint. He received 70 lakh rupees from crowdfunding. 

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3. Braving adversities for the votes

The polling team that was deployed for re-polling at Zara polling station in the newly created Kra Dadi District had to reach the middle of nowhere. While returning from their duties, they got stranded in a village. Choppers were unable to rescue them because of incessant rainfall. The officers braved nature and the dangerous mountains along with security personnel and managed to return safely. 

4. The gender barrier 

M Radha had a dream of becoming the first transgender candidate to be elected to Parliament. A postgraduate in literature and a social worker, she was the the first transgender person to contest an election in Tamil Nadu. 

There were other moments that may make you cringe:

1. The accused for Parliament  

Sadhvi Pragya, the Malegaon bomb blast accused was released on bail and immediately declared as a candidate by the BJP. She made many controversial statements. She said that Hemant Karkare died because of her curse and that Nathuram Godse was a patriot, which led Narendra Modi to issue an apology. 

2. Violence tarnishes history

After an Amit Shah rally, Kolkata witnessed a violent clash between the workers of the TMC and the BJP. In the violence, a bust of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was demolished. He is a revered figure in the history of West Bengal.

3. 'Jungle Raj' 

The violence in West Bengal prompted many to describe it as Jungle Raj. Poll officers were kidnapped, bombs were hurled and bullets were fired. In many places, even the candidates were assaulted. The situation led many to question the role of the security forces from the Centre as well as the government. 

4. Whose vote is it?

Rigging was a major issue in Bengal. Video footage showed party workers voting in place of others. The perpetrators are still at large. 

5. What's in a name? 

In the first phase of the election, many voters could not find their names on the voter list. The reasons for that are unclear. Many voters were left without a recourse. 

6. Election Commission of India 

A number of controversies surrounded the Election Commission. From accusations of partiality to political leaders to EVM mishandling, the ECI was questioned time and again. Former President Pranab Mukherjee expressed his concerns about the issue. Whether change will come to the ECI is anyone's guess.