Look into illegalities in Indira Canteens, Mayor told

Look into illegalities in Indira Canteens, Mayor told

A file photo of people buying food coupon in front of Indira canteen near Service Bus Stand in Mangaluru.

Leader of Opposition in Council in Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), Premananda Shetty alleged that the MCC was wasting taxpayers money by making full payment to the contractor, who is running five Indira Canteens in the city.

Speaking to reports, he said that the Indira Canteen is allowed to serve food to a maximum of 1,500 people in a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Unfortunately, only 60 to 100 people consume food at a time in a few canteens as against the maximum of 500 people per meal. Yet, the MCC is making payment for 500 people per meal to the contractor.

“The Mayor should look into the illegalities in the Indira Canteens,” demanded Shetty.

He said that the price for a single plate of breakfast has been fixed at Rs 12. The consumer pays Rs 5 and the government bears the remaining Rs 7. The price of each lunch and dinner is fixed at Rs 24, of which, the consumer pays Rs 10 and the rest is paid by the government. The MCC bears 70% of the total share of the government while the Labour Department pays the remaining 30%.

The monthly bill submitted by the contractor is Rs 26.25 lakh. The MCC pays its share of Rs 18.37 lakh, without checking if indeed 1,500 people were served food at the canteen in a day.

The MCC should monitor the canteens and should make payment only for the food that is served to people, he said.