Maharaja’s HS alumni chips in to boost admissions

Maharaja’s HS alumni chips in to boost admissions

Even as Primary and Secondary Education Minister N Mahesh assured of strengthening all government schools across the state, during his visit to the Maharaja’s High School, here, which has recorded a poor enrolment in recent times, the Maharaja’s High School and Pre-University College Alumni Association has announced an incentive of Rs 1,000, besides other benefits, to each good student, who joins the school Monday onwards.

B S Sridhara Raj Urs, president of the association, retired director for PU and Vocational Education, said, Maharaja’s High School, now a part of Maharaja Pre-University College, on JLB Road, is a historical institution, started by then Maharaja Mummadi Krishna Raja Wadiyar.

“The 185-year-old school is equipped with a renovated library and a hall for reading. It has an audio-visual hall with an overhead projector, well-equipped computer lab, a Science Centre, NCC training and Sri Nalvadi Krishna Raja Wadiyar Auditorium to conduct cultural activities. The school has mid-day meals, Ksheera Bagya, free uniform facilities and other benefits for students, extended by the government. It has been adopted by the association, which provides scholarships, notebooks, pens, etc. The association also arranges special lectures to motivate the students,” he said.

Urs said, due to the mushrooming of schools every where, the strength has come down. “Still, there is time for admission. The people can use this opportunity to admit their children to study in the heritage school,” he added.

Minister’s son an alumnus

Education Minister Mahesh said, for a school that has 22 feeder primary schools and higher primary schools around it in the city, with an output of 4,000 students, there are only 127 students for eight, ninth and tenth standard, for two sections each, Kannada and English medium.

“The strength of PUC classes is good with nearly 2,000 students. Even my son studied PUC in the same college some time ago. The facilities and infrastructure in the high school is better than in many private schools. Out of the 4,000 students from the feeder schools, some might have joined neighbourhood government high schools. But, at least 60% of them have joined private schools. If the school attracts even 50% of those who have joined private schools, it should get 1,200 students. A discussion has been held with the DDPI and the school staff to increase the enrolment rate,” he said.

“The routine notifications and circulars, seeking admission to the school from primary and higher primary schools, will not work as private schools go aggressively about admissions. Staff of most of them visit primary schools personally, to woo the parents to get more students. The staff of Maharaja’s High School should also do it systematically from next year. Facilities like bus services or bus pass should be provided. Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan also, there is provision to provide Rs 700 per month for transportation of a student. All the benefits from the governments and their departments should be utilised to enrol more students,” Mahesh said.