Maharashtra: No district-wise data of loan waiver amount

Maharashtra: No district-wise data of loan waiver amount

The Maharashtra government has, so far, disbursed Rs 14,388 crore for the loan waiver of 46.52 lakh farmers as part of the loan waiver scheme.  However, it does not have district-wise details of the money disbursed.

This has raised questions about the loan waiver disbursement scheme, said activist Anil Galgali, who had sought and gathered details of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Krishi Samman Yojana using the Right to Information Act.

Galgali had filed a query with the Maharashtra government seeking information on the farmers' loan waiver scheme, in which he sought details such as the total number of farmers, complete information on total approved and non-approved applications, the name of banks, total amount disbursed district-wise.

Public Information Officer D M Rane of the Maharashtra government's Ministry of Co-operation, Marketing and Textiles informed Galgali that the total amount of funds deposited district-wise in the banks is not available with the government, also that it doesn't have information on the village-wise data in Vidarbha.

From the information provided to Galgali, it was clear that a total of 56,59,159 applications were received under the scheme, the highest being from Ahmednagar district - 3,34,920.

1,620 applications are from the Mumbai suburbs, whereas 23,715 applications are from Mumbai city.

A total of 19,88,234 accounts in nationalised banks have been approved and a total of Rs 77,66,55,13,440.76 has been provided to these banks.

These banks have disbursed Rs 75,89,98,20,857.28 out of this amount.

Further, 26,64,576 accounts have been approved in District Cooperative Central (DCC) banks, for which Rs 67,70,18,88,772.36 has been provided and out of which Rs 67,97,74,78,292.76 has been disbursed to the beneficiaries.

In 33 nationalised banks and 30 DCC banks, 46,52,810 account has been approved and Rs 1,45,36,74,01,213.11 has been provided, and they have disbursed Rs 1,43,87,72,99,150.04 to the beneficiaries up until now.

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