Mamata blocking NIA probe to save accused TMC leaders: Shah

Mamata blocking NIA probe to save accused TMC leaders: Shah

Mamata blocking NIA probe to save accused TMC leaders: Shah

Accusing Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of putting hurdles in the NIA probe into the Burdwan blast, BJP president Amit Shah today said this was being done to save the TMC leaders allegedly involved in the incident.

Addressing a big rally here, he also alleged that Saradha chit fund money was used in the October 2 Burdwan blast.

"Saradha Chit Fund money was used in the Burdwan blast. The NIA is not being allowed to probe the blast properly. Hurdles are being created. It is being done in order to save TMC leaders who are involved in the blast," he said.

Lashing out at Banerjee for daring to say that the CBI was being used in the Saradha scam to settle political scores, Shah dared her to declare that those arrested by the CBI in connection with the Saradha chit fund scandal were innocent.

"If Mamata Banerjee has the guts then why is she not saying that those arrested by the CBI in the Saradha scam are innocent? Earlier it was only alleged, but now it is proved that TMC leaders are involved in the scam," Shah said.

Shah said Banerjee had tried to undermine national security for the sake of "votebank politics".

The BJP chief also expressed surprise over why the Shyamal Sen Commission was closed by the TMC regime.

"I ask Mamata Banerjee to answer who brought her paintings. You should say if TMC leaders have taken benefits from the Saradha scam. Mamata Banerjee, who had fasted during the Singur land movement, is now trying to save the culprits in the Saradha scam," Shah said.

He also ridiculed the protest by TMC MPs outside Parliament over the issue of black Money, saying, "What do TMC and Mamata Banerjee have to say about the money siphoned off in the Saradha scam? Was that black money or white money"?
Shah alleged that in order to pursue vote bank politics, TMC is giving shelter to Bangladeshi infiltrators.

"Why are you trying to give shelter to Bangladeshi Infiltrators? You are the chief minister of Bengal because of the people of Bengal not for Bangadeshi infiltrators and anti-Indian elements," said Shah.

Shah questioned why the Bengal police did not take action against terrorist Shakeel Ahmed who was involved in the blast earlier.

Shah said that the Bangladeshi infiltrators who were trying to take shelter in Bengal had been rejected by the people of Bangladesh too.

"Those Bangladeshi Inflitrators who are taking shelter in Bengal have been rejected by the people of Bangladesh too," Shah said.

"Who gave money to those involved in the Burdwan blast? Investigations have revealed that the money of Saradha scam was used in the blast. The CBI will look into it," Shah said.

He appealed to Mamata Banerjee not to compromise with national security in order to pursue appeasement and vote bank politics.