Coloured pants a reflection of changing times

Coloured pants a reflection of changing times

It is important to get the colour and fit right because coloured pants draw a lot of attention, says designer Jattinn.

Men wearing coloured pants certainly reflects on the changing times and the ever-evolving social scenario. If women can wear menswear, then men wearing coloured pants sort of balances the whole gamut.

Coloured pants are surely for men who are confident and make an extra effort to look good. It’s been my life long belief that if you cannot look after yourself, then you certainly cannot look after anyone else.

If you choose to wear coloured pants, go easy on accessorising as the pants are the highlight of your attire and also, you don’t want to end up looking like a Christmas tree.

White, beige, black, grey mélange and in some cases, browns are sure shot colours that work with coloured pants. Slim fit shirts, slim fit tee shirts (short sleeve/full sleeve) look the best, paired with them.

If you’re a brave fashionista, then you can also consider pairing your coloured pants with other shades. An important tip here is that you should really be certain that the look fits your personality as it isn’t for guys who have a problem being the centre of attention. I would recommend to play it down by wearing one matching colour, and you will make enough of a statement. It will show people that you’re one of those rare guys who does know how to match colours.

The trick is to select the right colour. Yellow, salmon and electric blue are great summer colours, but this season, try something a little darker and muted. Go for dark purple, tan, forest green, navy, and burgundy. These colours were all over the fashion runways, and jewel tones help you show your true confidence because of the luxe, yet subtle nature of the tones.

Jattinn Kochhar

You have to get the right fit as coloured pants tend to draw more attention in the outfit. And with a lighter colour like tan, pulling and bunching is more noticeable. Go up a size if the

pants appear to be too tight in the crotch area. When in doubt, straight-leg or bootcut styles tend to be the most flattering because they create the illusion of a straight line on your bottom half, elongating your body.

Appropriate footwear shall surely nail the whole look in place. Neutral shaded moccasins and loafers would be fine.

This entire look works fine for a casual or an evening out with friends. If you wish to wear it to your work on a Friday, then avoid going overboard with bright or flashy colours. Muted, pastel shades or even better the ever popular tan should do the trick.