Country’s top models host AXN’s new reality show

Country’s top models host AXN’s new reality show

Gabriella Demetriades and Erika Packard’s show talks about fashion, food and travel.

Gabriella Demetriades

Twinning - a one-stop-destination for all things fashion’, is hosted by the country’s top models Gabriella Demetriades and Erika Packard and is received well.

The show’s USP is that the two women talk about fashion that is relatable, easy to follow and cool to twin with.

Erika Packard

Gabriella and Erika have, over the years, developed their own taste for fashion, food and travel.

While Gabriella has her own fashion label that is glamorous and edgy, Erika, on the other hand, is a fashion model with a more casual style and demeanour.

Hosting the show together has been a wonderful experience, says Gabriella.

“Erika and I love working out and travelling. We share a similar passion for fashion and food. We also do a lot of other things together apart from hosting the show. Our strong chemistry has certainly taken the show to another level,” she adds.

The show has brought in a host of personalities from different walks of life giving a peek into their personal style.

Gabriella says that they don’t discuss high-brow fashion at all. “The show strives to provide style tips after understanding each person’s body type, personality and shape. We feel that people must be comfortable and feel confident in what they are wearing,” she explains.

The hosts try and mix fashion, food and travel. “It is not a one-dimensional show,” assures Erika.

Erika says the show has brought in people from all walks of life. “We’ve had Bollywood celebrities, ordinary women, college students walk into our show and take us through their fashion stories. We celebrate real people who have accomplished something on their own,” she says.

About what appealed to them most about the show, Erika says, “We were given a theme and a concept. We had the liberty to work around that theme and give it our own interpretation. This helped broaden our horizon, and we added a lot more concepts than we thought we could,” explains Erika.

Gabriella says that they have also tapped into social media to offer the best fashion tips to people. “We tell you how to scan Instagram pages and other interesting fashion websites to come up with your own ideas. What we do on the show is to inspire people to think beyond what they see before them. We want people to weave their own fashion stories and whip up their own definition of fashion,” she signs off.