ML Fashion Show: Fabric, fit key to great designs

ML Fashion Show: Fabric, fit key to great designs

The second round of the eighth edition of Metrolife Fashion Show will be held today at CMR Law College.

The second round of the eighth edition of Deccan Herald Metrolife Fashion Show will be held today at CMR Law College.

Metrolife spoke to some top-notch designers and asked them what they think makes for a great design

Sweta Agrawal

Mumbai-based designer, entrepreneur and curator of ‘A Humming Way’, Sweta Agrawal is now following her dream of pursuing a career in fashion, dreams of which were sown in the formative years.Though she has been in the industry for just a year, Sweta has created a niche for herself in the industry with her unique khadi-inspired brand.

Don’t be influenced Trends are temporary and may not necessarily match your aesthetics.

Think of the future

While planning your first initiative towards a career in this field, you should plan and think how your current actions and design philosophy will affect your future business, like requirements of clients, taste of target audience.

Shift the side

Put yourself on the opposite side to stimulate creativity. 

Details is king

These aspects need extra attention and will make all the difference in your end product. A lot of this will comes with real-time experiences but one must learn to keep a close eye on this.

Design should have a flow

There should be hierarchy in the way design is thought of. This helps when you put together the concept of your collection.

Repetition is not bad

Use design elements that repeat. Create unity in designs which will make the visual soothing and appealing to the onlooker. But don’t overdo it.

Seek feedback

Seek feedback and constructive criticism. Learning never stops and that’s the attitude that will keep you on the creative track.

Kamaali Mehta
Kamaali Mehta

Kamaali Mehta

The Delhi-based designer Kamaali Mehta of the label Kamaali Couture is known for handcrafting timeless bridal couture with traditional practices of Dabka and cut-dana sticking to a modern aesthetic.

Do your market research. It is important that the designer is able to identify their market.

Identify your style. What you like is important as a designer otherwise there are chances that you will be left fumbling.

Know your fabric well.

Use season-specific colours.

Create a story around your client. Keep your customers in mind, this way, your clients will relate to your designs and garments.

Embellishments are liked by everyone. Giving attention to details define you as a designer.

The right fit is the mantra for a successful design. Ill-fitting clothes don’t work at all.

Pria Kataaria Puri

Pria Kaataria Puri

Celebrity designer Pria Kaataria Puri is known as the ‘Queen of kaftans and prints’. Her flamboyant designs and chic resort wear have been everyone’s favourite in every season.

She was recently a part of a TV chat show called ‘Born Stylish’ on Colours Infinity where she spoke to celebs about their fashion and style quotient. Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Tabu, Raveena Tandon, Paris Hilton, Queen Rania of Jordan and Divya Khosla Kumar have been spotted wearing her creations at various events.

Fit is important

The garment must fit beautifully. Fitting is an important factor to make someone look great in the outfit you have designed.

Colours matter

The colours used on an outfit should flatter the wearer.

Comfort is key

Comfort is the next important factor to keep in mind. Outfits should make one feel relaxed and enjoy their time wearing it.


Create outfits which are real sizes. Most of the time, we have the idea of a skinny model in our mind while designing which never sell.

Highlight the personality

Uniqueness of the design and style should flatter the body type and should enhance the wearer’s personality.

Elegance is must

Elegance of the garments is very important. An outfit should not be overly sexy or overly baggy.


One of the most important factors of a garment is its classic appeal. It should sustain and stay in your wardrobe for years to come.