Helping young Indians reimagine themselves

Helping young Indians reimagine themselves

Prasad Bidapa says youth must discover the best aspects of their personality and looks.

Grooming is an integral part of the modelling industry.

As India achieves premier global positioning, we need to teach young Indians the importance of presenting themselves to the world with confidence and sensitivity.

It begins with the way you choose to lead your life, the polishing of your mind, the maintenance of your body and the nourishing of your soul.

Flashback to just seven decades ago, when India was left the poorest of countries because of British Imperialism.

Bled to the bone, India was bereft of its riches. However, it is a shining testament to the resilience of a people who were determined to reverse their fortunes that India prospered later.

A population exploding at the seams turned out to be a blessing in disguise, for it gave us an educated and massive workforce who became the bedrock of India’s growth.

Now, as every middle-class parent struggles to educate their children to become the architects of this shimmering edifice, the young in India need the guidance to grapple with their international counterparts on a sophisticated and worldly level.

I have been fortunate to work with young people all my life, watching and marvelling as they evolved and chased their ambitions with single-minded dedication. We promoted the talent that we found, grooming and polishing them to perfection; opening the windows of their mind to the infinite possibilities that exist in the world beyond. 

We begin with the external and progressed to teaching the tenets of good health and the best eating habits to maintain your mind at its optimum and your body at peak efficiency. We evaluate their physical appearance and suggest changes in their grooming routines and maintenance of body, skin and hair.

Our styling experts guide you through your hair and makeup choices, and wardrobe consultants put together the must-have basics you need to acquire. Fitness experts help you plan your gym and diet routines. 

Accessories play an important part in the presentation of your image, and both men and women benefit from this immersive experience with top stylists, which helps them create a new persona, confident and attractive. 

Most corporate entities have a massive workforce of young Indians coming from every corner of our country into urban situations they are unfamiliar with.

We teach them to navigate their professional lives by learning the business and social etiquette that will serve them well throughout their lives.

We teach them to dress suitably for every destination and situation, helping them shine in their respective spheres. 

We also offer a model training module to anyone who wants to enter the industry by preparing them in skill sets like runway training, photographic posing and television commercial workshops.

These courses are often availed by people who want to look like models, even though they may not want to be one themselves.  

Bengaluru has always been known as a smart city, and the people make it so. We hope to create a platform for self-improvement with the launch of the Prasad Bidapa Institute.