Makeup no taboo for men

Makeup no taboo for men

Makeup is not just a woman's forte anymore. Experts say that makeup will help in highlighting the sharpest features of men too and will aid in hiding the flaws on the skin.

More and more men are willing to use cosmetics and beauty products now.

Till even a few years back, it would have been incomprehensible to use the words men and makeup in the same sentence. Times have changed now and the modern male is not averse to picking up those cosmetics to feel good about themselves. 

“As a gay person, I feel there is a magnifying glass on my fashion sense,” says Alex Mathew, who works at The LaLiT Ashok Bangalore and also performs as a drag queen. “I use makeup only when I am performing and not on a daily basis as I feel it will mess with my skin. Makeup helps in enhancing my features,” he says and adds that he swears by the products of Kryolan.

On a daily basis, he follows a simple regime — face wash, scrub and then Aloe Vera gel at night “for clear skin”. “Since first impressions never get a second chance, more and more men are beginning to use makeup to look uber stylish and well groomed. From luxuriating in manicures and pedicures to using eyebrow pencils, colour correctors and primers, nothing is off limits anymore for men,” says Bhavya Chawla, chief stylist at Voonik.


The price of fame

Male politicians and TV anchors have long used makeup for public appearances. Last August, French president Emmanuel Macron came under fire when it was revealed that he had spent approximately $30,000 on a personal makeup artiste during his first three months in office. While we are all for gender equality and looking one’s best, Macron’s budget is a tad too excessive by any standards.


Brands show the way

The industry is recognising the market potential of the business of male grooming. Chanel has launched its first makeup line for men in South Korea. The three-product line includes a tinted fluid foundation in four shades, a matte lip balm, and an eyebrow pencil, also in four shades. The line has been called ‘Boy de Chanel’, a play on Boy Capel, the lover and muse of Coco Chanel. Earlier, Tom Ford too launched makeup for men. Companies like L’Oreal and Estée Lauder have brought out their own men’s skincare lines—with lotions, toners, and wrinkle creams for men.


Starter’s guide

"Most men do not apply anything on their skin at the start of their day. They can start using a BB cream suitable for their skin type that contains a high SPF. With this, the facial skin will not appear patchy and uneven. One can also use a concealer, if the skin has too many dark spots, acne, blemishes and dark circles. Besides these, a soft and not-too-shiny lip balm can also be used," says Bhavya Chawla, Voonik.

Makeup depends on time of the day

“What makeup you use depends on the time of the day. Most men, except those in fashion and media, are not comfortable with revealing that they are wearing makeup; so they should opt for a look which is natural. A water-based moisturiser is a must anyway. Then a light concealer with press powder is suitable for men during daytime. At night, using foundation is also okay," says Smrithi Rao, fashion blogger.