Metro People: Spreading awareness about organ donation

Metro People: Spreading awareness about organ donation

Rasika Prasad

To spread awareness on organ donation, a kidney transplant recipient Rasika Prasad hosted a photowalk in the city on April 28 at Sankey Tank, Malleswaram.

Rasika had her surgery in 2015; she received the kidney from her brother Rahul Prasad. She took to writing and developed an interest in photography during her recovery from the surgery.

She shares her story, “I started a website when I was still under recovery, three years ago, to raise awareness about my journey. When I knew that I had to get surgery, I
wanted to read up about it. Since it is difficult to understand a doctor’s lingo, I wanted to know the patient’s perspective. When I surfed the internet, I didn’t find anything, and I decided to blog about my experiences. I try my own little ways to do spread awareness.” 

It was last year that she decided to conduct a photowalk to meet, build a network and spread awareness. She chose April for the annual event because that is the month she had the surgery.

The first photowalk had 20 participants, and this year, Rasika was thrilled to have had about 42 people participate.

She adds, “Since there was a huge turnout this year, I am planning to make the next photowalk bigger.”

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