T C Ravindra preserves rare tree species

T C Ravindra preserves rare tree species

T C Ravindra

Techie-turned-conservationist T C Ravindra is doing his bit to make Bengaluru a greener place. Known for his work towards afforestation of 400 hectares of land in the city, his mission is to preserve and protect the endangered and rare species of plants.

“Local species like Jalari, Entada, Makali are hardly seen today,” Ravindra tells Metrolife. His afforestation drive has not only found its roots in the city but has percolated to Bengaluru rural where he has successfully introduced methods like rainwater harvesting, vertical gardening and rooftop gardening.

This conservationist has created many theme parks in Bengaluru with selected trees like Ficus, Bakula, Punnaga and Rudraksha. “I am inspired by the work of Dr Yellappa Reddy,” says Ravindra. He has restored 16 parks which have been turned into themed parks in Poornaprajna Layout. “There is a need for a big vision, better planning and proper use of techniques,” says Ravindra. 

 Taking forward his dream for a greener city, Ravindra is attempting to make the younger generation more conscious about conversation. He supplies plants to schools and colleges every year.

“NGOs like UIF, Mapsas and Adamya Chetana have helped me. They have played an important role in rejuvenating lakes and conserving the green space,” adds Ravindra. He has successfully completed many projects in Bilukoppe, Tibetian temples, the bio park in Bangalore University and many more. “There is a lot of space in and around the city to plant trees but what is important are the techniques employed in maintaining them,” says Ravindra.

 Ravindra can be contacted at info@indusherbs.com or 9845168734.