Thoo! Stop that habit now

Thoo! Stop that habit now

BBMP is keeping an eye out for spitters and slapping spot fines

Marshals imposing a fine on an offender for littering at MSR Nagar in Bengaluru.

The government is out to impose stricter fines for spitting and littering. In Bengaluru, city police commissioner Bhaskar Rao has threatened to put behind bars those spitting on the roads.

The solid waste management (SWM) and public health wing of the BBMP is already collecting an enhanced fine of Rs 1,000 for spitting and littering (over and above the regular fine of Rs 500 for littering). It will be Rs 2,000 for a subsequent offence, officials said.

Randeep D, Special Commissioner for Solid Waste Management, described spitting as a serious health concern, given the outbreak of the pandemic.

The authorities are also keen to stop urination and defecation in public. They are particularly worried over contaminated waste, such as used masks, sanitary pads, gloves and diapers, being discarded with regular garbage.

“These sanitary disposables would have body fluids and when thrown in garbage bins and mixed with other waste, they can infect waste pickers,” he explains.

While the BBMP has filed 15 cases for non-segregation of waste since the lockdown, it is finding it a challenge to catch spitters in the act. “People are welcome to complain about habitual spitters. We also have put BBMP marshal and junior health inspectors on the job. We will review the situation by the end of this week,” Randeep says. Fines are slapped on the spot, with marshals and health inspectors carrying card swiping machines. “Once the spot fine is paid, a receipt will be handed over then and there. There will also be a record of habitual offenders,” adds Randeep.