5 films that instill Kannada pride

5 films that instill Kannada pride

Ahead of Karnataka Rajyotsava on Nov 1, Metrolife brings a list of movies that highlight the rich culture and legacy of the state

Gandada Gudi

For decades, filmmakers have felt it is mandatory to use the idea of Kannada pride in commercial cinema. But most of them have failed to handle the topic in a comprehensive way. Films usually play to the gallery with songs and dialogues that wax eloquent of the state.

On this Rajyotsava Day, Metrolife suggests five films that looked beyond whistle-worthy moments and tried to talk about Kannada and Karnataka in detail, with the help of strong research and nuanced filmmaking.

Gandada Gudi (1973)

The only film that brought Dr Rajkumar and Vishnuvardhan on screen was a blockbuster, and it remains a talking point even today. A shooting mishap during the climax allegedly caused a rift between the two stalwarts. But the film warrants more attention for its unique messaging, we feel. Rajkumar plays a range forest officer who fights smuggling and protects natural resources in the Nagarahole forest. Vishnuvardhan, a rising star then, played the antagonist. The title song on Kannada and Karnataka is a classic. The film speaks highly about Karnataka’s rich biodiversity.  

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Kranthiveera Sangolli Rayanna (2012)

Quality historical films ride on handsome funding and extensive research. The Kannada industry, especially a decade ago, wasn’t known for big-scale films. Considering this, ‘Kranthiveera Sangolli Rayanna’ was an impressive effort by director Naganna. It is a visually captivating and emotionally-charged war film, anchored superbly by its protagonist Darshan. Veteran Umashree shines as Rayanna’s mother Kenchamma. The life of Rayanna, the famous warrior and the right-hand man of the queen of Kittur, is showcased in a gripping manner. The period film leaves you misty-eyed but not before it has entertained you with brilliant action sequences.  

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Geetha (2019)

‘Geetha’, starring Ganesh, is a fine tribute to the Kannada pride. Vijay Nagendra’s debut film is a fine balance between a mass entertainer and a romantic drama. The film’s portions that show the popular Gokak agitation of the 1960s are riveting.

Released two years ago, ‘Geetha’ is a timely film as language imposition remains a burning topic today. The film focuses on the preservation of Kannada.  

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Last Kannadiga (short film, 2017)

Actor Sruthi Hariharan has produced this gem of a short film that asks multiple questions. To what extent do you identify with your native language? Does it emotionally connect you to your value system?

Starring Vasishta N Simha, the film is a thriller with a hard-hitting climax. It talks about the fast-changing ethos of Bengaluru, where Kannada is spoken lesser and lesser by the city’s inhabitants.  

Where: YouTube

‘Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale Kasaragodu’ (2018)

In Rishab Shetty’s children’s film, the Kannada community in Kasaragod fears a loss of identity.

It tries to find a rational solution to a long-standing issue. In the story, a high school in Kasaragod is the danger of being shut down. That said, the film doesn’t forget to entertain. The film offers innocuous fun, especially in the first half, courtesy of entertaining performances and melodious songs by Vasuki Vaibhav. It uses the power of nostalgia to allure people of all ages.  

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