Fashion trends that don't compromise comfort

Fashion trends that don't compromise comfort

Fashion trends that don't compromise comfort

Monochrome outfit on Michelle Obama.

More number of people are starting to step out now and after months of not dressing up, even grocery stores aisles are becoming potential catwalks. Here are few easily wearable trends that you can try styling on your next day out.


Best seen at President Biden’s inauguration, where Kamala Harris, Jill Biden and Michelle Obama sported jeweled-toned monochrome outfits. The trend is an easy way to pair clothes and stand out from the crowd. But be warned if not done right, you risk looking like a cartoon character. A quick tip is to make sure that while you’re wearing pieces of the same colour, try and bring contrast through different shades.


Pastel is all the rage, from tops to jeans and coats. A unique take on the trend is traditionally masculine structures of blazers and pants in these soft marshmallow-like colours. If you’re down to experiment try mixing different pastel shades in one outfit. Purples and greens are the top colour choices.

Wide leg jeans/pants

Gone are the days of skinny jeans. With the pandemic, came a taste for comfort and breathability. High waist wide legged jeans and pants are now the top choice, the baggier the better. Style them like any other pair of jeans. Wear it with a solid coloured top, to let the bottoms take center stage.


Another trend that stems from comfort is the rise of the sweatshirts. Many are turning towards slightly oversized silhouttes with a vintage look and brand or university logos on the front. For contrast, they are paired with tennis skirts or cropped and paired with jeans.

Sweater vests

Cable knit vest over white shirts are becoming quite the rage. From solid colours to pastel hues, the trend is easy to style and perfect for the transitional Bengaluru weather. If you’re feeling adventurous, pair a sweater vest with an oversized shirt dress for an effortless spring look.

Oversized anything

From shirts and blazers to pants and jackets, oversized anything is trending. Blazers with strong shoulder pads are being cinched in with belts and over sized shirts are being worn as dresses. Steal a shirt from your father’s wardrobe and wear it as a jacket or buttoned down with denim shorts for a chic look.

Tie Dye

On to the most colourful trend, tie dye. While T-shirts and hoodies have had their spotlight, dresses and even sarees are getting the dye treatment now. The trend can be easily used to upcylce and old dress you have lying around. Do it yourself and you can control the patterns and colours and it’s a fun experiment to keep you occupied.


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