‘Not all movies can be watched in theatres’

‘Not all movies can be watched in theatres’

With a fresh cast, the Kannada horror film released on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday

Vivy Kathiresan

Mane No 13, released on Amazon Prime Video on November 26, surely slakes the thirst for new movies among Kannada filmgoers. Unlike the previous release on OTT, slapstick comedy ‘French Biryani’, ‘Mane No 13’ rides heavily on horror and is about a bunch of friends stranded in a haunted house. 

Directed by Vivy Kathiresan, the film is produced by Krishna Chaithanya under the banner Sri Swarnalatha Productions. It also includes new talent.

In a quick chat with Showtime, Vivy and Krishna talk about the making of the film and more.

There have been similar stories where people have been caught in a spooky house. What makes ‘Mane No 13’ different? 

Vivy: The screenplay is different and this sets the movie apart from the other ones. 

Krishna: There have been similar stories, but the technique used to present those stories is what makes it different. To execute such an enigmatic storyline, we needed strong talent and a sound technical crew.  

The film has fresh talents on board. Was it a conscious effort? 

Krishna: Yes, we always try to give fresh talent some exposure. Be it direction, DOP or acting — we have new faces on board.

Vivy: All the artistes have performed well. The DOP had worked in ‘KGF’ as the second cameraman. It’s a new team, brimming with ideas.

What were the challenges involved in pulling off this story?

Vivy: Our challenge was to engage the audience till the end. The script has a lot of twists, turns and many edge-of-the-seat moments that have been consciously slipped in.

Krishna: Something happens every 15 minutes. The film is scripted in such a way that whenever the audience forms certain assumptions, the opposite always happens.

How much VFX have you used?

Vivy: There isn’t much; we have mostly used real shots. The entire movie is shot in a house in Shivamogga. There was no need for a set because the house lent itself an eerie look. We researched and looked around quite a bit before finalising the location.

Why did you choose to release on OTT and not in the theatre?

Krishna: Not all movies can be watched in the theatre. If there is a big star cast, they will wait eagerly to watch in theatres. For movies like this, OTT platforms offer good viewership. Our previous project ‘Diya’ fared average in a theatre but got a huge boost on OTT. 

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