Time to introspect on our lives: Cyrus Sahukar

Time to introspect on our lives: Cyrus Sahukar

The  VJ-turned-actor talks about his lockdown days, hosting online shows and latest movie ‘Kadhak’

Cyrus Sahukar

Actor, television host and stand-up comedian Cyrus Sahukar has come a long way from his days as a VJ. His shows ‘Pidhu The Great’, a spoof on cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu and a funny take on the popular talk show ‘Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’, were quite popular. 

Earlier, Cyrus worked in ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Delhi-6’ and ‘Aisha’ and most recently ‘Mind the Malhotras’, which will also have a sequel coming up soon. 

His most recent shows, ‘Moti - The Dog’ and ‘Karma - The Cat’, shot during the lockdown, have also become popular.

In a quick chat with Metrolife, he sheds light on his latest movie ‘Kadhak’, which was released on Sony LIV recently, and how lockdown has changed a lot of things.

What did you do during the lockdown?

I cooked, cleaned and I have about 200 plants that I watered and took care of. I also learnt to make some of the dishes that I always loved, including Rajasthani delicacies. My sister taught me how to make Chettinad fish curry. But I’ve not been able to crack a biryani yet. I realised that the most dangerous sounding dishes are the easiest to make.

‘Kadhak’ has just released. Tell us about your role in it.

I play a motivational speaker who is very successful at what he does. But he’s a peculiar character. He is like one of those people who pass personal comments about you. He is faced with his own inadequacies and the story is about morals and friendships. It all happens in one night. Yogesh, my character, wants to be liked by everybody but just that it has to be done on his terms.

You wrote portions of the script...

The writing felt so good as I have been trained in improvisational work. The audition for this movie is as different as the script. The actors were given a situation and told to improvise on the spot. And what one got to see was innovation and creativity. My co-stars, Ranvir and Kalki, came up with some amazing stuff. We shot for 30 nights and nobody wanted to stop acting because it is set at a party and the camera keeps moving.

How do you think Covid-19 has changed the way the film industry will work?

While actors and performers will still find something to do. Shooting post lockdown will prove to be a huge challenge for the technicians. The film industry will be back on its feet but it won’t be the same anymore. We will work with new ideas and come up with more innovative stuff. We will see more movies launching on OTT and wooing a wider audience.

Your thoughts on Sushant Singh Rajput.

It is very unfortunate. But sadly, I see that there’s so much speculation on a person’s life that we don’t really know much about. How can people comment about someone else’s
personal life, without knowing much about it? In many ways, we have become a very happiness-obsessed generation. 
We tend to force joy into our lives and that causes more unhappiness. It’s time to introspect the life that we are leading and the culture that we live in. It is difficult to be judged all the time and I must say that social media is constantly triggering us.

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