What cricket taught me: Karthik Jayaram

What cricket taught me: Karthik Jayaram

It was the year 1996. My sister couldn’t tolerate me playing in front of the house, breaking my neighbours’ window glasses and being blamed for being notorious. My friends’ parents used to complain to my parents that other children were getting spoilt because of me.  

I was put under house arrest a number of times. I still remember peeping out of the window and watching my friends play. I used to feel bad and shed tears just because I couldn’t play with them in the evening. I know it’s a silly thought, but at that time, it felt like I was losing out on something precious. 

My sister was most hurt by this because she knew how much I liked the game. She put me in a club called City Cricketers in National College, Basavanagudi. My journey as a professional cricketer started from there.

Apart from being notorious, I became addicted to cricket. I lied to my parents to go for practice; bunk college and play league matches. The only thing on my mind was to play for the Indian cricket team; and somewhere, I sincerely worked towards it.  

When I look back, I can see that I had a lot of passion, dedication and love for the game. I feel that was an investment that helped me become disciplined, dedicated, determined and always think in terms of working as a team and not throw attitude. The sport taught me some valuable lessons which I cherish even to this day.
I did go through some tough times. I lost a year in college, but I returned stronger in the following year.

Friends, relatives and lecturers started blaming me for wasting my time playing cricket and modelling. I was an average student, but I am proud to say that I became a successful structural engineer in a short span.      

Cricket taught me a great deal. It also helped me get connected to film industry. All credit goes to my sister. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.