Director Shekar’s next is inspired by B’luru blasts

Director Shekar’s next is inspired by B’luru blasts

'The Terrorist' will feature actor Ragini in the role of a muslim woman

P C Shekar

The series of blasts that took place in different parts of Bengaluru in 2008 is the inspiration for director P C Shekar’s latest project, ‘The Terrorist’.
However, Shekar says ‘The Terrorist’ is a positive film that lays bare the facts. He says he does not seek to make any statement through his film but feels the intensity of the script and impressive performances by the actors are sure to leave a deep impact on the audience.

In an interview with Nina C George, Shekar talks about the making of the movie. 

We hear this is a women-oriented subject...

This movie portrays the feelings of a woman who is a victim of a blast. She represents the innocent majority that suffer the most during such incidents. In fact, she reflects the emotion of every woman who has been in a similar situation, whether in Israel, Iraq or Afghanistan. The woman is played by Ragini and she goes by the name of Reshma in the film.

Ragini’s look in ‘The Terrorist’.
Ragini’s look in ‘The Terrorist’.

Why do you think Ragini fit the bill?

I wanted an actor who has played both aggressive and sober characters. Ragini has done both of these. She has the ability to switch emotions with ease. In fact, I had her in mind when I wrote the script.

Tell us about her character?

Her character is a powerful one. She conveys a lot through subtle emotions. She has fewer dialogues but speaks a great deal through her eyes.

This subtlety is what sets her apart. Her strong body language, sharp looks and stern ways have proved an advantage to this character.

Did you have to put a lot of thought into the story? Who does the movie talk about?

There are people who get dragged into terror-related activities and there are those who are against it. I have projected both sides and I have conveyed my views as well.

How many characters in the film?

There are 14 characters and each one plays a significant role. Every character is like a catalyst in the movie.

Why should one watch this film?

People should watch this film for the way the most powerful emotions are conveyed in a subtle manner. There is no exaggeration of facts and it has been presented in a sensitive way. The audience will surely understand the intent of the film. 

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