Metrolife: High heels popular despite huge perils

Metrolife: High heels popular despite huge perils

Nicole Faria,

Fashion has its perils. In Mumbai, on Sunday, a six-month-old died after his mother, wearing high heels, lost balance and dropped him.

Why are high heels popular despite their many hazards?

“I think they make women feel super beautiful. They make you feel more confident and powerful. However after a while, the thrill wears off and the pain kicks in and you can’t feel your feet,”

- Poojitha Kowligi, a student of Christ College

A common problem is that high heels cause foot sprains. “They aren’t good for dancing or even walking long distances,” she says.

Nicole Faria, Miss Earth 2010, says, “I started modelling at a very young age and I’ve been wearing heels ever since. I think they improve body posture and makes your outfit look better,” she says.

Nischita Babu
Nischita Babu

Stephanie Haydon, another student of Christ, says, “When I wear pencil skirts, I feel very casual without my high heels. I need them to compliment my outfits. I don’t think I’d ever choose comfort over fashion but I’m pretty comfortable in high heels,” she says.

Varsha Abhishek, fashion stylist, almost always pairs high heels with the outfits at her shoots. “They add to the glamour and enhance posture, an important aspect for all models,” she says.

Flat heels are comfortable, but casual. Platform heels are an alternative as it doesn’t strain the feet as much as high heels, according to Varsha.

Sneakers with thick soles are suitable for everyday use. Stilettos are preferable for parties and formal events, but the pairing of footwear mainly depends on the outfit, she says.

What’s best with high heels

Nischita Babu, a fashion blogger, suggests some ways in which high heels can be styled:

Pair them with denim jeans: they look ultra chic.

Stephanie Haydon
Stephanie Haydon

Block heels are a good alternative to high heels.

Stilettos look stunning when paired with a body-con dress.

With wide leg jeans, they are unusual and chic.

Formal outfits, best with stilettos, also work with smaller pointed heels.

Tragic stumble

A six-month-old boy plunged to death in Mumbai when his mother, wearing stilettos, lost balance and dropped him from a balcony. The accident took place at a wedding on Sunday, according to a report. Femida Shaikh (23) was carrying little Mohammed when she stumbled in her stilettos. The child crashed from a first-floor balcony. 

Abnormal mechanics

Inputs from Dr Kiran Chouka, orthopedics consultant at Fortis Hospital, warns against wearing high heels.

“It leads to lordosis and back pain. The knee goes into hyperextension and this leads to abnormal mechanics in the knee joints and knee pain,” he told Metrolife.
High heels puts pressure on the ankle, and that is painful, too. The body is meant to stand erect, hence it is taxing for it to stand at an angle, as it happens when women wear high heels, he says.

His advice: “It is best to avoid high heels as much as you can. If you must wear them, the ideal heel height is one inch.”  People with extra kilos would do well to avoid wearing heels altogether, according to Dr Chouka.