How to beat the blues without meds

How to beat the blues without meds

Psychologists suggest simple ways to overcome low spirits

Depression often calls for medical intervention, but if you’re just feeling a bit low and under the weather, you can snap out of it without medication, psychologists say.

Neha Cadabam, consultant psychologist, Cadabams Hospitals, J P Nagar, lists ways to beat the blues.

Watching movies is one. “We use something called ‘reel therapy’, where we use movies to provoke unaddressed emotions. It is a group therapy, and involves a discussion.”

This is best done under the guidance of an expert. “Whatever emotions we feel have to be further pursued. Watching a movie alone doesn’t serve the purpose,” she says.

Sulata Shenoy, director, Turning Point Centre for Psychological Assessments, Therapies and Counseling, Jayanagar believes in taking small steps at a time.

“Take stock of your eating, exercising, sleeping, working and socialising habits. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, do yoga or exercise regularly in the sunshine, and stay connected with people,” she says.

Reach out for help

Talk to a friend or family member who can understand what you are are going through. Stay connected. You might be surprised at how much better you feel once you make the attempt, Sulata says.

Here are other suggestions

Indulge in colours

Adult colouring books are available and are therapeutic. Opt for food with brighter colours: capsicum comes in a variety of colours.

Listen to sad songs  

This might sound strange, but research suggests listening to sad songs elevates your mood, says psychologist Neha Cadabam.

Maintain a ‘gratitude journal’

Every day, pen down everything you are grateful for. This way, you are directing yourself to the good side of life.

Engage in creative art

If you are good with words, write poetry, fiction or whatever catches your fancy. Craft, painting and sketching can also lift your mood.

Try movement

Dance is a good way to get going. It makes you feel lighter.

Dress up

Looking good can help you feel good. Change your wardrobe, smarten up, get a hairstyle makeover.