Thanks for coaches, but what about this?

Thanks for coaches, but what about this?

The six-coach Metro train is set to roll out on Friday.

Namma Metro’s intent to ease out the rush during peak hours will see fruition as the first six-coach train will be rolled out this Friday. After constant complaints received by passengers about overcrowded coaches, this step is expected to make commuting much easier. 

Even as commuters are happy about Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) starting the six-coach train, they wonder if Metro can handle the crowd that will be coming in with it? 

Metrolife did a recce of Metro stations to highlight a few points that perhaps need quick attention. 

Security check

In one of the stations, two security personnel were in the checking area talking to each other. While they were engaged in a deep conversation, the metal detector was run down without much attention. This is very common and in fact, sometimes, it is just a touch and not even a head to toe scan. With an expectation of a huge crowd coming in with the six coach train, will the security screening be made stricter?  

Tarun Surya, a regular commuter from MG Road to Indiranagar, says, “Many a time, I have seen security guards looking at the conveyor belt monitor while talking to each other. This might lead to distraction and pose security issues. They should keep this in mind, as with the six-coach train rolling out, the number of commuters will also increase.” 

Wi-Fi connection

Though sometimes the Wi-Fi network at Metro stations is detected, it doesn’t  connect. When we checked, there was no network available. A working Wi-Fi is important as many would want to use internet especially when they are underground and there is no network.  

Clean toilet but stinks

As the day begins, the Metro toilets are spick and span but by the end of the day, the same toilet is stinky and dirty. While the Metro authorities should make sure they are cleaned at regular intervals, it is a huge responsibility of the passengers to keep it clean too. 

“I have been to the MG Road toilet twice, while the first time was a bad experience with the flush not working, bathroom floors filled with water and no water in the taps, the second time was relatively better. However, the stink was still a reason for me to not use the toilet,” said a passenger, who didn’t wish to be named. 

Crowded compartments

There are times when the Metro waits till the compartments are full before they push the close button. This results in no space to breathe and leaves people jostling for space once the train stops at the next stop. With the six-coach train coming in, this should be kept in mind. 

“Stuffed compartments are a common sight at the Majestic or Bayapanahalli Metro stations, especially during peak hours. The guards keep pushing people into the coaches, even if there is no space inside. Why should commuters suffer like this. They should increase the frequency of the trains,” says Keerthana M, business analyst.