Women bikers return with inspiring stories

Women bikers return with inspiring stories

A bunch of women bikers recently gathered at the Design Cafe over the weekend and spent a couple of hours exchanging their experience of riding and negotiating rough terrains.

The event was held to showcase the experiences and the journeys of women bikers. The evening saw women bikers from popular biking groups such as Hop on Gurls, Bikerni, Females of Harley, Silent Expedition and Roaring Riderz Club. Among the panelists were Archana Timmaraju, founder of Silent Expedition, Veena Shetty, founder of Roaring Riderz Club, Meenakshi Rao, Sameera Dahiya, Krupa, Raja Lakshmi and Sonali from the Bikerni Club, Pratima and Vannie from Hop on Gurls, Shirley Hog from Females of Harley and Aishwarya Pissay from TVS Racing. Travel enthusiast and founder of Embarq Sujal Patwardhan also attended the meet.

All these women have dared to challenge the norms and break stereotypes thereby overcoming all obstacles. From covering the Golden Quadrilateral on a motorcycle to long-distance solo trips to promoting social causes, these Women of Steel have inspired millions across India and the world by following their passion. The two-hour event was all about the journey, adventures and experiences of these women. Sharing her experience, Archana Timmaraju, founder of ‘Silent Expedition’, says “It was nice meeting different women bikers as it turned out to be a great motivation.”

Her journey from Bengaluru to Leh and back in one month, 320 hours covering 8300 km, is truly inspiring.

Sameera Dahiya, another biker says, “It was a fantastic experience to meet and hear lot of stories from so many women travellers, riders, bikers, who drive cars as well. My journey so far has made me a different person all together. I always wanted to do something which comes from my heart and also helped me to live up my life. I have got a chance to see a lot of things on my bike,” Sameera says.

Gita Ramanam, co-founder of Design Cafe, says “We are glad that these women could appear for the panel discussion and share their experiences. They are an inspiration to many who want to travel and ride. Though they are not trying to break any stereotypes they are still an example to thousands of young women,” Gita says.