Finding the magic in you

Finding the magic in you

First-time author Deepa Rajani makes a splash with her self-help guide

Deepa Rajani

Deepa Rajani is a health coach, a personal growth mentor and now an author. Her debut book, ‘The Magic In You – Awaken Your Soul’, explores the power of the human mind. She tells Metrolife about her journey so far.  

How did you discover the magic in you?

I learned and experienced how one has the power to change everything that happens in one’s life, by simply connecting to the power within them and by making the higher consciousness a partner. 

What made you want to write this book?

When I learned that we truly are divine, limitless beings, made up of energy, with the gift of free will to create our own reality it was like an awakening.

I want to help as many souls as possible to discover the magic within them.

How long did it take, what was the process like?

It took me a year-and-a-half to write the book, and since I wasn’t a professional writer I needed help and I was blessed with the help of Suhana Bhatia and Geetha Balsara, who have been a very important part of this journey. 

The journey through the book has been one filled with loads of miracles and synchronicities.

Any more projects in the pipeline?

Yes, lots more. I have set up an online platform called ‘Awaken Your Soul- An Empowered You in Mind/body/spirit’. My editors and I have formulated workshops for different age groups, from age 10 and above.  These workshops are aimed at bringing value-based knowledge.

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