‘Onti’ about a man’s struggle

Latest Kannada release Onti is actor Arya’s comeback film after ‘Ee Sanje’

Actor Arya, who has earlier worked on films such as ‘No 73, Shanthi Nivasa’, ‘Mussanje Maatu’ and ‘Ee Sanje’, returns to the big screen after a short break with ‘Onti’, where he plays a character called Amar who, as the title suggests, is somewhat a loner. “It’s a story about love, friendship and relationships,” Arya tells Metrolife.

The actor is thrilled that the first day, first show ran to packed houses. “All the prominent theatres across the state saw a good crowd. I was happy that the audience responded positively to the punch dialogues and action sequences in the film. There was a point when they even began repeating the dialogues,” says a thrilled Arya.     

Arya, who has also turned a producer with this film, believes that filmmaking is an art that has many facets to it, and he wishes to do more than just acting, “When I read the script, I knew that it would turn out to be a good film. When no one came forward to produce it, I decided to take it on. The film has turned out better than expected,” he says.

Actor Meghana Raj plays his love interest in the film. What happens after Arya enters Meghana’s life and how the life of a carefree, young man changes, forms the heart of
the story.

Arya says that the director chose Meghana because the character required someone with a strong performance skill and she fit the bill perfectly.

“Meghana is not only careful in selecting her scripts but also understands the character very well. Her character is a good contrast to mine. While I am irresponsible, Meghana is more grounded and knows exactly what she wants,” he adds. 

Talking about his character, Arya says, “It is interesting to watch the circumstances that lead to changes in Amar’s character and why he is forced to shoulder responsibilities.”

“The message is that you should face troubles head on and not wilt under pressure. How he fights the battle alone is the what you will get to see,” says Arya. 

The other actors in the film include Devaraj and Girija Lokesh. “Every actor was hand-picked after a lot of thought. We were particular that the actors must suit the characters in the film and we have managed to achieve that,” explains Arya.

The film was shot in prominent spaces in the city and across the state. “We erected three sets for the songs and four sets for the fight sequences.” 

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