The Lion King comes in live-action now

The Lion King comes in live-action now

It hits screens next week, and brings back memories from 1994

This is a year of big Hollywood remakes. The classic animated series ‘The Lion King’ returns in a live-action format. ‘Aladdin’ was released earlier this year.
Metrolife brings you details for a richer viewing experience.

The cast

The 2019 remake of ‘The Lion King’ has African-Americans in lead roles, starting with actor and musician Donald Glover, who gives the voice for lead character Simba. Beyonce lends her voice for Nala and British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor plays the villain Scar. The only voice that remains the same is of Mufasa, played by James Earl Jones. He had lent the voice to the 1994 version.

The director 

Jon Favreau is known for directing Iron Man and Iron Man 2. He then made The Jungle Book, which paved the way for other live-action remakes. Fans look forward to this classic remake as well. 

The soundtrack

A few familiar names from the original 1994 soundtrack, including Hans Zimmer and Elton John, make a return this time around too. Glover and Beyonce have recorded a version of ‘Can you feel the love tonight’, one of the movie’s most iconic songs. Beyonce has also released a single ‘Spirit’ to be featured in the movie.

The visuals for both the live-action remake and the 1994 original are incredibly similar. From the iconic scene of the first look at newborn Simba to many other transitions, the live action seems to capture it all well.

A blast from the past: Lion King

While there is no doubt that the theatres will be filled with young children, we think that most of the 90s fans will be present. 

Fans of the 1994 version of ‘The Lion King’ have grown up along with the movie and will definitely fill up theatres as they return to watch the live-action remake of a movie that defined their generation.