You can work out from home

You can work out from home

Zumba, fitness and yoga studios are using the power of the Internet to connect with students and hold regular classes

Zumba instructor Namrata Sinha conducts a class. She now holds virtual classes for students from around the world.

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues, the authorities are shutting down yoga studios and gyms.

People are concerned about missing their workouts, which not only helps them meet their fitness goals but also keeps stress and anxiety at bay.

Sarvesh Shashi

Now, instructors and fitness gurus are leveraging social media and the Internet to ensure people staying home continue to exercise, and in some cases, start their workout journey.

These virtual workouts are conducted through YouTube videos, Instagram Live and Facebook Watch.

Sarva, which describes itself as a ‘yoga and wellness ecosystem,’ and Diva Yoga, a women-only yoga academy, have created a platform with their websites and applications.

Diva Yoga’s Instagram handle conducts live sessions twice a day, at 11 am and 5 pm. The Sarva website and app conduct yoga classes in six languages.

“Given how important social distancing is now, daily activities, including working out, have moved indoors. The need of the hour is to build better immunity and keep our fitness regime going even at home,” says Sarvesh Shashi, founder of Sarva and Diva Yoga. It is this mission that inspired them to start the live guided ‘workout and gratitude’ sessions online.

Accessible at, the initiative enables up to 10,000 people to practise yoga every day and get real-time feedback from trainers.

It is a first-of-its-kind effort that enables participants to see each other and form a huge online community, he says.

Zumba instructor Namrata Sinha is using Skype, Zoom and Google Hangout to hold classes. “We cannot use open media like Facebook

Classes are live-streamed
on Instagram, Skype
and such other platforms.

Live and Instagram Live as they involve copyright issues,” she says. Broadcast sometimes runs into technical glitches but the long-term purpose is to reach out to people and make them move and sweat it out, she explains.

Students from countries such as Ireland, USA and New Zealand are joining online classes conducted in India.

Namrata says the number of students is going up by the day. They can either pay per class or opt for packages.

Jerin George, an MNC professional, was hitting the gym earlier but when it was closed down, he took to online classes and YouTube channels to continue his fitness journey. 

“For me, it wasn’t about having bulky muscles and a six-pack; it was having a healthy lifestyle that enabled me to stay fit,” he says. He is now taking online training on nutrition. He watches YouTube channels for exercises.

“Since it’s from the comfort of my home, I am still quite consistent. It helps me beat boredom and stress too. My friends helped me find some of the better fitness channels, such as GuruMann Fitness, VShred, Jeremy Ethier, FitMuscleTV of Gaurav Taneja, Officialthenx and Athlean-X,” he says.

Online classes 

My Fitness Goal

JC Fitness

Mind Body Online

Fittr and many more.

Online tutorials

Fitness Blender

Sweaty Betty

Be Fit

Diet Health

Yoga Journal

Remember not to binge-eat

As tempting as stay at home and binge-eating sounds, don’t give up on your fitness goals during this time.

There are innumerable channels that offer workout tips and videos on whatever form you follow -- from zumba to pilates to yoga to cardio and more.

Opt for one and fix up a daily time for your exercise, just as you would do on normal days.

Break your exercise time into two -- one in the morning and another in the evening -- it helps you stay motivated.

Include family members but ensure everyone does age-appropriate exercises.


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