Minimalistic interiors are in

Minimalistic interiors are in

Wooden, glass and stainless steel are popular choices for furniture.

The minimalistic approach will continue to trend due to rapid urbanisation, says Anil Bhaskaran, managing director and chief architect, IDEA Centre Architects Pvt Ltd Bengaluru. “Availability of space will be lesser and this will lead to more practical ideas in home decor,” he notes. 

Compact furnishing

The main idea this year is to keep your space clutter-free and make it look bigger. Say hello to wooden furniture; it is stylish and gives the area a cosy and warm feel. Wood, combined with stainless steel and glass, gives a contemporary look. Soft reupholstered furniture is a trendsetter this year. And forget about bean bags, they are out of fashion now. 

Preference for personal taste

“Preferred colours for public spaces like the living and dining rooms will be warm hues like violet, red or orange because of their vibrancy. Cool colours like blue and green will be used more for the bedroom as these have a calm vibe. Though many don’t know the effect of these hues, there is a psychological attraction,” says Anil. He adds that wallpapers are no longer popular as they look out-dated.

Lights are considered important

Lights play a major role in the architecture of the building these days. In fact, they are now considered a pre-design element for a house. Out of the many new trends, moulder lights integrated with false ceiling will be a major one this year, says Anil. 

Functional kitchen

Modular kitchen is still a choice but has become expensive. Upgraded versions of modular kitchen and cupboard will be available this year.


Customisation of cots is no more unheard of. Hardwood combined with stainless steel and upholstery is popular with high-end consumers. For others, MDF, particle board or plywood are good choices. Circular and oval shapes will trend.