Namrata Purohit’s pilates studio now at Indiranagar

Namrata Purohit’s pilates studio now at Indiranagar

Samir and Namrata Purohit are co-founders of The Pilates Studio.

The father-daughter duo Samir and Namrata Purohit, following their success in the Cunnigham Road branch, launched another branch of The Pilates Studio in Indiranagar.

“The studios are very similar. We decided to expand so that more people could get access to pilates”, shares Namrata.

After pilates helped them cure their chronic back pain, the duo decided to spread what they experienced to the masses. The Pilates Studio was first launched in Mumbai and gradually entered other cities.

“Pilates is not only for the body but also works excellent for the mind. At the end of a pilates
session, you feel more energised than drained; that’s what we are going for, to feel good,” she explains.

Samir adds, “No pain, only gain, that’s the beauty of pilates.”

Unlike many other places in the city, the studio offers equipment-based pilates. “One reason why we can be considered different is for our focus on the quality of training; we have always maintained quality over quantity,” she asserts.

On that note, she also reveals that they have a hands-on way of teaching and training that they try to pass on to the trainers across their centres.

“If someone new comes in, we make them do a couple of personal sessions to gauge their ability,” says Samir.

Namrata affirms that it is not possible for a trainer to train more than six people at a time. “Our group size is 4 or 5 so that we can pay attention to all of them. We don’t believe in having big groups.”

Talking about the dietary plan, she says that a diet should be a way of life; not temporary. “One needs to have regular home-cooked meals. It is important to have nutritious meals than eating less.”

About the current fitness trend, Samir observes that the perception of being skinny has changed and that now people are focusing on getting fit and strong.

“Strong is the new sexy,” signs off Namrata.