Pan-Asian flavours now on Brigade Road

Pan-Asian flavours now on Brigade Road

‘Kitchen on Table’ on Brigade Road serves authentic Pan-Asian cuisine.

Dragon Maki Sushi

'Kitchen on Table’ is the new kid on the block. You’ll find the quietly tucked away restaurant in the bylanes of Brigade Road serving Pan-Asian cuisine. Its eco-friendly decor adds to the charm of the place.  

The owner, Murugan S, points out that the decor was inspired by the Japanese cooking concept Teppanyaki.

Ebi Tempura

One of the first dishes we tried was ‘Ebi Tempura’. It is prawns deep-fried in the tempura batter and served with a chilli sauce that has been specially curated by Chef June to suit the Indian palate. The shrimp is crispy and the sauce was spicy. We then ordered an egg-based starter which resembled a small pizza. It is a fluffy appetiser made with egg white and garnished with green chillies and sesame seeds. This dish doesn’t have a name yet as it is still on an experimental basis.

We also ordered ‘Tori Chicken Soup’, a clear soup with lots of vegetables and shredded chicken. We liked that it was flavourful and comforting.
The ‘Tori Crunchy Salad’ had chicken, carrots and iceberg lettuce with a mayonnaise dressing. It was topped with sesame seeds and some tempura for crunch. The subtle taste of the dish was its highlight. 

The ‘Dragon Maki Sushi’ stood out for its rich flavours. It is tempura prawns rolls topped with flying fish roe. The little eggs added to the texture of the dish. There is also a vegetarian variant of the sushi called ‘Veg California’. It comprises avocado, cucumber, lettuce and is rolled in vinegared rice and tempura crunch. The ‘Barbeque Lemon Grass Chicken’ was made with well-marinated chicken. It was flavourful, soft and had a hint of lemon and spicy flavour to it. 

Prawn Fried Rice

The ‘Prawn Fried Rice’ with the famous Japanese sticky rice and a chef’s special accompaniment,

comprising fish and prawns, is another must-try dish. The rice was wholesome and the fish/shrimp was pungent. You can always ask the chef to tweak the dish according to your flavour palate.

There’s an interesting line-up for the dessert section. One of chef’s special is the fruit mocktail which is fruits served with fresh cream. Interestingly, here the tender coconut blend with fresh cream added to the flavour. 

The eatery is located on 1st floor, No 19, Rest House Road, off Brigade Road. For details, call 9343044750.