Salons turn vegan, find many takers

Salons turn vegan, find many takers

They use beauty, skincare products that avoid animal-origin ingredients.

Shruthila getting a vegan hair treatment at a city parlour.

With many adopting a meat-free lifestyle, veganism is spreading to beauty and skincare.

Beauticians say many clients ask for vegan products.

Sulekha, skin therapist, says, “Vegan beauty products suit all kinds of skin textures and they yield better, quicker results.”

All her beauty accessories are vegan.

Shruthila Narendra, animal rights activist, uses brands such as The Body Shop with all-natural, vegan ingredients.

Sabrina Suhail, founder of ‘Sabrina Suhail’, makes many vegan products, such as lipsticks and ‘cruelty-free’ eyelashes. Her line was launched six months ago and she takes pride in it being the ‘first of its kind’ in the country.

“I am very passionate about animals and I don’t see why animals have to be tortured to enhance our beauty,” she says.

She also offers customised lipsticks, made right in front of customers. She told Metrolife women are more aware about the products they use, and want to know what goes into their make-up.


Benefits of vegan cosmetics

- No animal ingredients
- No animal-testing
- Good for sensitive skin


Vegan products found here

- Blown on Vittal Mallya Road offers vegan manicures and pedicures.

- Vedaearth, in 4th T Block, Jayanagar describes its products as 100% cruelty-free and PETA-certified.

- Sabrina Suhail: The online store offers ‘cruelty-free eyelashes’ made from synthetic mellow fibre that mimics texture of mink fur.