When prices rise, gift good mileage

When prices rise, gift good mileage

This will probably go down in history as one of the most useful wedding presents ever given. A newly-wed couple in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, was gifted five litres of petrol by their friends. Yes, it was a cheeky reference to the soaring prices of fuel.

The couple could not contain their amusement and a picture of them accepting the ‘gift’ has been accorded the highest honour—it was turned into multiple memes.

We at Metrolife think this is an idea worth emulating and bring you a list of useful and not-so-useful gifts you can give your dear ones.

Non-electrical appliances

Shock-proof them

The per unit price of electricity is soaring due to lower production and higher demand as well as leakage in distribution. So any device or appliance which doesn’t consume electricity will be a welcome addition to any household. If solar heaters and induction cookers are too expensive for you, opt for the traditional handheld ‘pankha’. After all, one must not forget the way one came.


Green option

Gone are the days when handing over a few notes in a colourful envelope was seen as a thoughtful gift. The rupee is in free fall so it probably makes sense to slip in a few dollars? You can still add the one rupee coin for good luck.

Imported goods

Foreign le aao

As it is these were expensive. Now they are even more so, with the declining value of the rupee and the government’s decision to reduce non-essential imports. From cranberries to Chilean wines, you can pick what to gift your bestie on his/her wedding day.


All fuels day

Yes, it remains on top of the list. The number of litres of you gift is directly proportional to how much you love the recipient. It’s not called liquid gold without a reason. But as always, be careful about combustible stuff!


Clean bowled

Don’t laugh! The cost of detergents, shampoos, soaps, toothpastes and skin care products has increased across brands and will continue to do so.

How about a gift hamper packing in some of these essentials for the newlyweds?


Apple of your eye

Fruits, vegetables, edible oils, even chocolates are all set to become dearer. The cost of food items will rise as their transport costs go up — diesel is the transport fuel and the cost will be passed on to the consumer soon. So how about a sack of potatoes for a couple embarking on a new journey? Or a carton of mixed veggies for a housewarming party?

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