A ‘work-passion’ balance

A ‘work-passion’ balance

Here are a few youngsters who strike the perfect balance between their regular jobs and passion

Aerial photography by Shabaaz, who is also an analyst in an MNC.

We see a lot of people who are quitting regular 9 to 5 jobs to pursue their passion, which may even include sacrificing fat pay cheques. But how many times have we heard about people who not only love their regular job but have also struck a perfect balance between their passion and their work?

Keeping the passion alive

Antony Roshan, manager at an MNC and drummer with a band ‘Turquoise Trail’

For Antony, music was always a passion. It took a new turn in 2011 when he met his friend who happened to be in search of a drummer for his band. Things clicked and Antony began playing for ‘Turquoise Trail’. “In the beginning, it was just jamming at a friend’s place and soon we went mainstream and began performing. Now, we also tag along with the Chronic Blue Circus and play slots for them,” Antony says.

Antony, just like his other band members, is a self-taught musician. Yet, his passion is not an escape for him from his regular job as a manager in an MNC. “Following my passion is just as important for me as my job. I can’t choose one over the other because they’re both important to me.”

How does he manage to accommodate the two? “Everybody has extremely tight schedules, but the key is in prioritising and planning. When we get a lineup, we try to keep in touch and practise before the gig, which is usually during weekends,” Antony explains.   The other members of Turquoise Trail, are also like Antony, who make time for their passion despite their busy schedules. “Benjamin is an architect, Rashmi and Shrikant are into IT industry and Arun is an engineer. We ensure we stay in touch to keep our passion alive for music,” he adds.

A view from the top

Mohammed Shabaaz, analyst in an MNC and an aerial photographer.

His interest in photography began a while ago and it is literally taking him places. With a keen eye to spot rare images, this 28-year-old aerial photographer creates breathtaking videos and photos. And what’s different is that he works with a drone.

He was always interested in photography and working with drones, came naturally to him but it is not an easy task. “I began aerial photography in 2016. Before that, I would look up to photographers from overseas for inspiration. But getting a hold of a drone was a tough task. I found a seller after an extensive search and it cost me almost a lakh. After I bought it, I have not looked back. The drone has taken me places,” he says.

Shabaaz is always on a lookout for pictures and videos. He has even started working on assignments. “I completed four projects in the previous year alone. Though this was just a passion with no intention of going commercial, my friends and family encouraged me to take up projects. And am thankful that I decided to go ahead with their suggestion,” Shabaaz gleams as he narrates talks about his projects. He not only clicks the photographs and shoots the videos but also gives them a complete post-production polish. But has all this interfered with his regular job? “When I am in the office, my focus is completely on my work. It is only by Friday evening that I zero in on projects that I want to do and work on them during the weekend. There are times when I work on weekday nights. There’s never an overlap between my work and passion,” says Shabaaz who already has 1,697 followers on Instagram (shabaaz.mohammed) and 2,777 subscribers on Youtube (FalconEye Aerial).

Does Shabaaz plan to eventually take up aerial photography as a full-time career? “I am satisfied and happy with my current workplace and aerial photography remains my passion. I am not sure about the future, but things are good as of now,” he says.


Dancing her way to the top 

Anu Mary Tom, IT professional and Kathak dancer

When Anu Mary Tom began working for an IT firm, the routine was getting monotonous, though she loved her job. That’s when she decided to pursue her passion --- Kathak, a dance form that she believes stands out. “I was always interested in dancing and the last three years have been a learning experience in Kathak for me,” says Anu, who began learning Kathak from Guru Pali Chandra Ji at the Gurukul Studios in Ashoknagar.

Anu likes to describe herself as a performer and a student of the dance form. She feels it is a refreshing hobby. “Right now I am focused on learning and performing. I would love to learn as much as possible and I do not know what the future holds for me,”

Anu dedicates her weekends to her passion and says that she is able to seamlessly assimilate her job and passion. “My flexible work timings provide me enough time to dedicate to Kathak,” she adds. 

Does Anu plan to take up Kathak as a full-time job? “When I look at my Gurus, I realise that it will be a while for me to reach there. If I have to teach someone, I need to attain the capacity to know the core of the art form. I will continue as a performer and a learner for a few more years,” she says.