No one with self respect can remain in TMC: Adhikari

No one with self respect can remain in TMC, says Suvendu Adhikari

He also said that the party would not have existed after 2001 if not for Atal Bihari Vajpayee providing shelter to TMC

Suvendu Adhikari. Credit: PTI File Photo

Days after joining BJP, former Trinamool Congress (TMC) minister Suvendu Adhikari said that the ruling party in the state had become a company and no one with self respect would remain in the TMC. He also lashed out at his former party for dubbing him as “Mirzafar.”

Addressing a rally at Purbasthali in East Bardhaman district Adhikari also said that he joined BJP for only one pupose which was to usher in “paribartan er paribartan” (change of change) in Bengal. He was referring to TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee’s slogan of “paribartan” (change) ahead of the Assembly elections in Bengal.

“Suvendu Adhikari is neither a traitor nor Mirzafar. This party (TMC) has turned into a company. Those with self respect will never be able to remain the TMC,”(sic) said Adhikari.

Questioning TMC’s opposition to the BJP, Adhikari said that TMC would have been disbanded before 2001 if former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had not provided shelter.

“If former Prime Minister late Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not provide shelter to the TMC, the party would have ceased to exist before 2001,” said Adhikari.

He lashed out at the TMC supremo alleging that she became Chief Minister by using the bodies of those who lost their lives during the land agitation at Nandigram in 2007 as stepping stones.

“I want to tell the TMC Supremo that you became Chief Minister by using the bodies in the Nandigram Massacre as stepping stones. You set up TMC by breaking away from Congress and joined forces with the same party in the 2011 Assembly elections,” said Adhikari.

“Then BJP leaders told people to vote for BJP if they could and if they were unable to do so they should vote for Mamata Banerjee to end the oppressive communist rule. So BJP also contributed to bringing change in Bengal in 2011,” he added.

Reacting to his comment senior TMC MP Saugata Roy said “ I cannot believe how much Suvendu can stoop. People will not forgive him.”

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