Editor's note | DH launches Android & iOS app

Editor's note | DH launches Android & iOS app



Dear Reader,

It's a momentous day for us: The formal launch of our mobile application, the walled garden where we can bring you, in exciting and innovative ways, the best journalism that DH has to offer.

Yes, we're launching the app at a turbulent time for all of us. The novel coronavirus has roiled the world and forced companies across sectors to batten down the hatches, postpone or junk their plans, and do the bare minimum. We are hardly unaffected by the crisis, but we have chosen to bring this app to you at this time to underline our commitment to our readers, who are at the centre of everything we do, in good times and in tough ones.

We think you will like our latest offering: Its bespoke design is elegant and cool, and it's loaded with novel features and a degree of personalisation that we hope will increase the bond between us. We hope to hear from you.


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