Don’t move back an inch, Rahul tells protesting farmers

Farm Laws: Don’t move back an inch, Rahul tells protesting farmers

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Credit: PTI File Photo

As the farmers’ agitation appeared to lose steam, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday asked them “not to move back an inch” from their demand for the repeal of the three farm laws.

“I don’t think the farmers will step back. But, I wish to tell them that we all are with you. Don’t move back an inch. This is about your future, don’t allow four to five people to take it away from you. We will help you in every possible way,” Rahul told a press conference here.

Rahul warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the agitation would spread across the country if not addressed quickly and asked the government to re-start the dialogue with farmers.

“I have ample experience — 15 years of experience in politics. You cannot suppress them. This will spread and spread fast. This is the voice of the nation and the Prime Minister will have to listen to it,” the former Congress president said.

He asserted that the only solution was to repeal these laws and “put the laws into the wastebasket”. “We do not need this situation to spread, we need a conversation with farmers and we need a solution,” Rahul said.

Meanwhile, the BJP accused Rahul of declaring “war” on Indians and giving a call for “violence” after the Congress leader warned the government that if farmers’ protest is not defused then their agitation will spread across the country.